About Drydray


About Drydray

Use 🔥

To drastically weaken the activity of the sweat glands

To prevent sweating in the soles of the feet, armpits, palms of the hands, chest, waist area

Method of use and dosage 🔥

On clean and dry skin, apply before bed and wait until dry.

When applied to damp skin, it combines with water to cause an itchy feeling

It is applied once in 5 or 7 days

Does not leave stains on clothes. It affects men and women alike

Nojuya effect 🔥

In rare cases, it causes itching and a feeling of discomfort

DRY If you are allergic to the components of DRY,
during pregnancy, lactation,
In children under 10 years of age,
it is not possible to apply DRY DRY for more than 1 day after skin cleansing.

Contents 🔥

Field squirrel
Hemp plants
Aluminum chloride
Purified water

Dosage form 🔥


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