Interesting facts about Mark Zuckerberg that you may not know



Interesting facts about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg that you may not know

🔹 Mark Zuckerberg is the richest man to have created a social network.
🔹 Mark Zuckerberg can't like red and green.
🔹 Mark Zuckerberg was offered to sell many large companies - NewsCorp, MySpace, Viacom, Yahoo, NBC, Microsoft and Google Facebook, but he refused (
🔹 His hunting dog has a Facebook page. The dog, nicknamed "Beast", has 2.5 million followers on Facebook (
🔹 Mark Zuckerberg has no son.
🔹 He is fluent in Chinese (
🔹 At the age of 12, he created an instant messaging app called ZuckNet for his father (
🔹 Mark Zuckerberg is also leaving Harvard University to develop his company (

"Mark Zuckerberg is such a great billionaire!"

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