Interesting facts you haven’t heard about Steve Jobs


🍎 Interesting facts you haven't heard about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs

- Steve Jobs was adopted shortly after his birth. The reason for this is that his parents got married despite the displeasure of his real grandfather. His parents, who were "afraid" of his grandfather, sent him to be cared for.

- Steve Jobs once put his partner Steve Wozniak to sleep for $ 4. They created a game together and agreed to share the profits 650-50. Look, Jobs, who paid $ 50 for the game, tricked Wozniak into selling it for $ 5 (

- Steve Jobs did not eat all the meat except fish (

- His last words before his death: "Oh wow", "oh wow", "oh wow", on the shoulders of his family ( jobs.html).

- Steve Wozniak, not Steve Jobs, was the main reason for the creation of Apple. Wozniak was the original creator and Jobs was the product seller ( % 20% 251% 24s).

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