Happy birthday my love


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR. ☝?This is such a happy person in life ?be that ?fleeing bored with happiness ?♀good luck?. ?When my soul leans on Joy, ?from the trails of joy ?♀walk slowly. ?♀?When you get tired ❤water from a fountain of mercy ?drinking and striving for pleasure in the way of life ☝?keep going ❤Happiness, ??lucky date ☝?never leave ??my soul ? ??birthday ??????bless you ???my life ???????

May your life be like spring, may there be no rain. May it be as hot as summer, may there be no cancer. May it be as full as autumn, may there be no hazon. Let it be as white as winter, let it not be bitter

Happy birthday to you Today is a holiday for you to play and laugh. May the festive mood accompany you and may the greatest God in the world kiss you. May the light love you more than ever, May it always caress you and call you alone. May you always have many happy days. May Allah give you two more children. May your worst days pass like a wedding, May the pain in you leave you

Wonderful excitement in my heart today, This day the sun shines in a special way. Sweet dreams to you today, Once again they embrace you. Congratulations, may your life be full of beautiful happiness. With a sweet smile on his face, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

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