In what cases is the workbook considered invalid?


In accordance with paragraph 4,1 of the Instruction on the Procedure for Keeping Workbooks, workbooks are considered unusable if they are torn, burnt or stained.
5) When I was hired, my employer and I had a one-year employment contract. Despite the fact that 1 months have passed since the deadline, my employment contract has not been terminated. In this case, isn't the term specified in the contract violated?
In accordance with Article 105 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a fixed-term employment contract is terminated upon expiration. If the employment relationship continues after the expiration of the term and neither party has demanded its termination within one week, the contract shall be considered extended indefinitely.
6) Can I drive a car registered in my wife’s name without a power of attorney? Until now, I have been in charge, showing the marriage certificate to the YPX staff. Recently, however, some YPX officials have been saying that you can't get a power of attorney.
If the vehicle was purchased during the marriage, you can drive the vehicle in your spouse's name without a power of attorney. It is recommended that you carry the original or a copy of your marriage certificate with you. Also, the surname of the husband and wife must be reflected in the insurance policy for compulsory insurance of civil liability of the owner of the vehicle.
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