Scenario of the event on the theme of mathematics - the king of sciences


From the subject of mathematics in the month of exact sciences
Scenario of the event on the topic "Mathematics is the king of sciences".
The place where the event is held will be decorated in a festive spirit.
Al-Khwarazmi's photo is displayed on the wall, and words about mathematics are written around it. The event begins with cheerful music. Two students dressed in national costumes appear on the stage.
1st starter:       Hello, our country is rich in knowledge!
                                    Greetings, masters of science!
                                    Welcome to our circle, the honor of the people,
                                   You are the creator of the future, resourceful and ingenious!
2st starter:       We want to be at the math event, you are happy,
                                   Give a shine to the circle, different poems are unique.
                                  An interesting assignment, may you be an example, my dear,
                                   May the spirit of our grandfather al-Khorazmi be a helper!
1st starter: - Hello, dear teachers, students who are thirsty for knowledge!
2st starter: - We dedicated today's celebration to the science of calculation - mathematics.
1st starter: - Our event is full of colorful poems and cheerful tasks.
2st starter: - Come on, dear peers! What does mathematics teach us?
(At this moment, 4th graders will appear on the stage. They will read a poem about mathematics).
Student 1: - The term mathematics is derived from Greek and means knowledge, science. It is a science that deals with computational operations in strictly logical observation.
Student 2:
Teach math.
"Add, subtract, divide,
Simple arithmetic.
Student 3:
Counting the number one by one,
Learn the procedure.
Interesting expression
And make equations.
Student 4:
Multiplication table
Memorize without hesitation,
Units of measurement
Recite it from memory.
Student 5:
Dashed line and cross section,
Perimeter, surface.
Horizontal, vertical,
Every word is unique in this.
Student 6:
Ones, tens and hundreds,
Know multi-digit numbers.
A simple, difficult matter,
A mind full of solutions.
Student 7:
If you know the calculation,
All the way is open to you.
You will not stumble in life
Victory to you!
1st starter: - Do you know who founded the science of mathematics?
2st starter: - Yes, of course, the science of mathematics was founded by our great grandfather, encyclopedist Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khorazmi.
1st starter: - Al-Khorazmi was born in Khorezm in 783, created works that reached the world, devoted his whole life to science and died in 850.
2st starter: - According to the information preserved for several centuries, our grandfather had a sharp mind since childhood. Since his youth, he has visited many cities of Central Asia and studied their history and geography well.
1st starter: - Arriving in Baghdad, they made many scientific discoveries with scientists at the "Baytul-Hikma" science center established here and became a great scientist.
2st starter: - So, we should be a generation worthy of such great geniuses.
(At this moment, a student who looks like al-Khorazmi visits the scene).
1st starter: - Hello, grandfather.
2st starter: "Welcome to our circle, wise grandfather!"
Al-Khwarizmi: - Hello, children who are thirsty for knowledge. I am very happy to meet you. I believe that you are the great scientists of the future. Do you know what the basics of math are for kids?
1st starter: - Great grandfather, let's hear the answer to this question from our peers.
(To stage +, -, :,  ·  a number of students come out holding the image of their actions).
Student 1:
Arithmetic four operations,
addition and subtraction,
Call for reflection
Division and multiplication.
Student 2:
Add four to three
The answer is seven.
So easy to find
Every sum in addition.
Student 3:
Decreasing, diverging,
There will be a difference,
Subtract eighty from a hundred
The answer is twenty.
Student 4:
If you know the times table,
Multiplication is an easy task,
Remember, in life
Account is needed summer and winter.
Student 5:
Divisor, divisor,
Come on, find a compartment.
When you divide ten by ten
Know that it will happen.
1st starter: - Great grandfather, we know that speed is important in mathematics.
- Of course, quickness and resourcefulness is the way to the peak of knowledge. I have prepared several tasks for resourceful children.
2st starter: - Let's test the intelligence and quickness of our peers in the circle.
(After that, four or five students voluntarily appear on the stage. Participants can be addressed with the following quick questions).
  1. Name a number less than 30 times 6.
  2. What number is 90 times less than 9?
  3. Subtract the product of 20 and 10 times 10.
  4. Multiply the division of 100 and 10 by 10.
  5. Subtract 70 from the sum of 30 and 30.
  6. Add 80 to the difference of 20 and 20.
  7. Habiba bought 10 books, Muslima bought 10 more books from him. How many books did both friends buy?
  8. Asadbek sprinkled grain for 8 people. There were 8 birds in each nest. How many birds did Asadbek feed?
  9. The customer cleaned 18 windows. Each house has 2 windows. How many windows did the customer clean?
  10. Firdavs has 100, and Asadbek has twice as many "2" marks. How many "5" grades do both brothers have?
1st starter: - You know, mathematics teaches us to think logically, at the same time, it enriches our thinking.
2st starter: - Let's turn to our peers in the circle with tasks that encourage logical thinking.
  1. Umidjon counts 12 pairs of ears in the nest of rabbits. How many rabbits does Umidjon have?
  2. The light bulb of 10 houses was burning. The light bulb of 2 pairs of houses went out. How many houses have light bulbs on?
  3. How many eyes, ears, arms, and legs does the artist have to draw to paint 20 boys? How much was it all?
  4. Marjona is 5 years old now, how old will she be in 4 seasons?
  5. When Sevara turned 12, she calculated how many more months she would turn 15. In how many months will Sevara turn 15?
  6. Fatima will be 12 in 10 months, and Zuhra will be 12 in 10 months. In how many months will both of the sisters turn 10 years old?
  7. Madina made a beautiful dress made of 3 meters of satin. How many dresses can Ayisi sew for Medina from 3 meters of silk?
  8. Dilshoda will take the exam in exactly 56 days. How many weeks until the exam?
  9. Said harvested wheat in 3 hours and barley in 120 minutes. How many hours did Saeed finish mowing it all?
  10. There are 24 pairs of shoes in front of the door. Find out how many guests are in the house.
1st starter: - Every object, every thing that we meet in our life is made up of geometric shapes that we got to know in mathematics.
2st starter: - Let's turn to geometric shapes. They visited our stage.
Student 1:
I have four sides
Four more corners.
Look at my dignity,
My name is my rectangle.
Student 2:
Don't look for nature
make me your own
Make a chest, a box,
A shelf, a car, a house.
Student 3:
Why else do I need
Figure it out for yourself!
Take a good picture,
I need it, everyone!
Student 4:
My name is resounding,
I am a triangle, a triangle,
I am a three-sided shape
Count, there are three corners.
Student 5:
What are triangles?
If you are wise.
The roof of houses and more
Bilgil zalvarov mountains.
Student 6:
Queen of shapes
I need the circle.
Everywhere I am
One if I have enough.
Student 7:
I am a ball for children,
A circle for Hafiz,
Colorful ball on holidays,
Make another drum.
Student 8:
Draw different fruits,
I'm in police now,
Kettle, clock, wheel,
Globe, sun, star...
Hail, wise men,
I am amazed at your mind.
My spiritual heritage,
In good hands, I know!
For Algebra,
You have laid the foundation, grandfather!
Uzbek named
You are a genius from Khorezm!
Accounting science
And the secret number is zero,
Decimal, unit, fraction,
You have discovered a masterpiece.
Your creations,
Taratar ray damage.
A thousand and a thousand more centuries,
Lol the world!
1st starter: - Dear participants of today's auspicious circle, this is the end of our event.
2st starter: — Thank you all for your active participation and attention! Goodbye!
Umida Sharipova.
Navoi  province Uzguduk district
7th general secondary education affiliated to XTB
school primary education

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