New Year's Eve event scenario


All students of the class take part in roles.


  1. Hosted by: _______________

  2. Witch: _________________

  3. Santa: ________________

  4. Snow White: __________________

  5. 20__ years: ___________________

  6. 20__ years: _____________________

and other students participated with poems and songs.

The presenters entered the stage with a resounding voice.

Beginner: Hello dear teachers, dear children...

Charming: he says poetry. "Hello, the head of manners." A witch enters the scene in a flash. He runs here and there on his broom, goes to the children and makes them laugh.

Witch: Wow, wow, what are they arguing about, did they say about the New Year's holiday, the New Year's party...

Beginner: "Hey, witch!" Who called you here? Tell the truth, have you seen Santa Claus and Snow White? Where are they?

Witch: - If I can't, how can you see. But they came to the other side. Because I showed them the wrong way, don't bother waiting.

Beginner: - You're talking nonsense. They must come. Is a holiday a holiday without them? Let's call together now.

All: - Snow-bo-bo, Santa Claus, welcome to our circle. (A distant voice is heard).

Witch: - Obba, what will I do now? They are coming this way. Yes, I found it. Hide behind the juniper.

Santa: - Hello, my little children. Here, we have finally arrived at your place... (looks at the witch). Pill number Witch, take your time. This is my land. You didn't do anything wrong...

Witch: (shrugging his shoulders): - I'm sorry, Santa, I'm sorry, I'll be attending your party.


Santa: - Oh well. This is the last one….

Witch: (goes to the edge and talks to himself).

- Wow, Santa Claus believes my words and forgives me. Don't be in a hurry, I'll do it again...

Q. Temur, a boy carrying a chair, comes to Santa Claus.

Santa: did you come to us through the distant forests and mountains? Now sit back and relax. Watch us perform.

Santa: Okay, my children. In that case, I will watch your poems and spoons. Addresses children. Shall we watch? - Yes.

Beginner: Grandfather, now the excellent and orderly student of our class will tell you a poem. Shahnoza, Azamat, Sarvinoz, Lobar, Nasiba, Mahliyo recited poems.

Santa: Congratulations my children, you made me happy.


Beginner: Santa, our children also know songs, listen to them. Shahnoza sings the song "Snow".

Summer has passed, winter has passed, winter has arrived. Children….. Santa praised them.

Santa: - Congratulations, my children, you made me very happy.

Beginner: Dear guests, dear children. Happy New Year 2007! I wish you a long life, good health, great success in your studies.

It's time to sing again.

Students of the class sing the song "Archa". Everyone dances.

Taking advantage of this moment Santa's witch hides what he said.

Santa: Live my children, now I will give you my gifts (searches for words). - Oh, where is my bag?

Snow White: - He was standing here now.

Santa: - Yes, that's it again of the witch must have a job. My children, please forgive me for looking this way and that. Santa(the audience asks the grandfathers). Did you not see it?

Children: - Yes, the bag A witch took At this moment, with courage to the stage Kochqorvoy they come in carrying bags.

Dare: Grandpa, grandpa, we found your bag, we found it. (says with a sigh).

Santa: So where is he?

Kochqorvoy: As he was standing on the ground, he was attached to the ground. This is the work of the Witch. It was hidden by the Witch.

Santa: Well, my children, the important thing is that the bag has been found. The witch's evil failed again. Now we will not forgive him.

Witch: (in a guilty tone): – Santa, I have given up lying and evil from today. My word is true.

Santa: - Hey, look at you. You have no idea.

Witch: - Now forgive me.

Santa: Okay, that's all, let's continue laughing. Let's turn to the song again.

Beginner: Now I will tell you my song "Snow". The song about "Teachers". Shahnoza, Maftuna and others performed.

Santa: Thank you guys, you made me very happy.

Beginner: Grandfather, our students have prepared an interlude. They attend.

Mother: grandmother

Grandmother: Golden

Kholposhsha: Shahnoza

Madi: Muhammadjan

Halima: Diyar.

Salima: Q. Temur.

Karima: E. Azamat

Nazira: Lobar

They watched the interlude with great interest.

At that moment, children with 2018 and 2019 entered.

2018 – Rare

2019 - J. Azamat congratulated the new year.

At the end of the morning Santa va Snow He told the children a fairy tale and asked which fairy tale it was from. The audience found the fairy tale. Then there were songs and dances again.

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