Scenario of the event about the life and work of Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur


Subject:  About the life and work of Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur
Hello, hello dear friends
The naughty boys are the funny barno girls
That the power of your mind is at work
Our knowledge is tested
We are a united family
You have visited the poet
Let the saints be ready for our debate
Good luck to you and to us
You follow the keeling dear teachers
Keep an eye out friends if we make a mistake
Let our knowledge increase
Let's fly we are in the world
         1 - condition:
           Reader: Under the leadership of President Islam Karimov, great attention has been paid to a thorough study of our history, in-depth study of the spiritual heritage of our great ancestors and the widespread promotion of the great contribution of our people to the Hajj civilization.
 Student: Z, who is going through an exemplary school of hard work, courage and generosity. M. Babur's works, ghazals and rubais, translated into many languages ​​of the world, are of great importance for upbringing in the spirit of devotion to the motherland.
     Reader: The great Uzbek poet, thinker, historian, king
and the commander, Amur Temur, the founder of the Baburi kingdom
Babur, the son of Umarshaikh Mirza, the governor of the 5th generation of the Fergana region, was nicknamed "Babur" for his bravery and courage.
     Reader: Although Babur went through a difficult life and had to spend most of his life in battle, he created valuable works in various fields of literature, art, history and science.
Loyalty: Babur is a man and he loves beauty, loyalty, fidelity, friendship - a beautiful work that promotes the virtues of aspirations and dreams, delights the reader with the ideas of love for the motherland, patriotism and vitality He exclaimed. Sayings of other poets about Babur
     The reader  ; Bobur had all the noble qualities inherent in the possessor of a great heart. His works achieve a high level of perfection.
Edward Colden: Babur was a charming person, a typical ruler during the Renaissance, a brave and enterprising man who loved art, literature, and the enjoyment of life.
Jawahir Heru: From the point of view of his generosity, courage, talent, love of science and art and his successful work with it, there is no king in the kingdoms of Asia who can be compared to Babur.
     The reader : As you read the chapter, you will witness the subtlety of the author's artistic taste, the subtlety of the depth of his intellect. Babur loved nature with all his heart, especially when he saw mountains, rivers, gardens and pastures.
         Bobur remembers;
Fergana valley, flower garden
Old Andijan is his homeland
He always lived far from home
He always thought about Fergana
Boburnoma is over, Turkish office
His title was king and poet
The Uzbek and Indian people still remember
If only such a poet were born
The reader:
I have a lot of hijra in my country
I have many Afghans
I have a lot of pain, a lot of dreams
I am called to the homeland of oils
I live in a time of hay
Nostalgia follows every moment
Hay is on the side called Andijan
A star shines in the sky
My heart is pounding in my chest
Is the Motherland so high?
Let's look at the sky
A homeland rises in the heart.
                  Works about Babur :
     The reader : Primkul Kadyrov's novel "Starry Nights", "Office of Generations"
     The reader : Ismail Tulakov's epic poem "The Last Night"
Musical drama by Bobur by Hashimjon Razzokov
Barotboy Kobulov's epic "Day and Night"
Zahiriddin Muhiddinov's drama "Bobur"
2 - condition
A person who achieves what he wants
It's nice to know you're sick
My soul melts too, so I'm happy with your beauty
The grief of exile, though centuries-old
Happy with your thoughts and happy with your imagination
The reader :
Your love is ruined what can I do
What can I do?
I found a stove between my body and I do
There is so much anguish in my soul what can I do
The reader :
The absence of tele was a disaster for my soul
Everything I did was a mistake
Leaving my place, I turned to Indian sari
Yorab netayin ne yuz karaligig boldi
The reader :
Davron is a sad time that passed me by
I was separated by a khan - mondin
Sometimes I have a crown on my head, sometimes I have a plague
What did not occur to me was davrondin
The reader :
My beautiful eyes fell on your eyes
When I say my condition directly to myself
If the answer to my word is bitter
You made me need your sweet word
The reader :
Everything will be as it should be
Inomu is the future of the task
You thought it was grain
I learned that grain is the home of the whole family
The reader :
Whoever seeks knowledge needs knowledge
The seeker of knowledge needs knowledge
I am a student of science
I am a seeker of knowledge
The reader :
The enemy is overwhelmed by this dahr
Nakhvat intoxicates the corpse for several days
When the grief reaches the food, the head turns blue
In the end, it lowers the mother like the earth
Who has seen the goodness of the world, O people of the heart
Who is not good before the eyes is good before the eyes
Don't blame me if I waste time, my friend
I haven't seen anything good in this world.
The evil of Dilrabolardin came to my sad heart
No peace came to my soul
O heart, you have seen the good from the evil, the lake of the century
Now it is better to keep an eye on the name than to do evil.
There is no good in the world
Who says there is so much good in the world?
Who would want to date a person who can't even spell his name correctly?
Who has seen the goodness of the souls of the world
     Condition 4: Appearance
Ministers :
   One day Bobur is sick. His son Humayun comes to see him. When Babur was about to hand over the crown to him, a guard came and told him that a messenger had come. The courier came in and asked Bobur for a message, then gave him a melon. It says the melon came from Andijan. Bobur sniffs it and is grateful to the runner, and embraces this kabun and dies.

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