What is the cost of preparing sumac?


What is the cost of preparing sumac?

Sumalak, which is the main dish of Nowruz holiday, is not expensive. The sprouted wheat used to make sumac is rich in nutrients, vitamins and proteins.

The price of making 50 liters of sumac (194 soums):
— 5 kg of wheat 8 soums/kg total 500 soums;
— 15 kg of flour 9 soums/kg total 000 soums;
— 1 liter of cottonseed oil 17 soums.

It is not for nothing that the dish is prepared in the spring to restore strength after the winter. Sweet and beautiful caramel-colored food is full of legends. The process of its preparation turns into a whole big ceremony that unites relatives and neighbors. (https://uz.sputniknews.ru/20240320/skolko-stoit-prigotovit-sumalyak-43055520.html) In addition, variable costs are added for firewood or natural gas and for the team of cooks.

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