Top 10 Useful Apps for Kids on the App Store!


Top 10 Useful Apps for Kids on the App Store!

📚 Educational apps for kids play a very important role in developing their reading, math, language learning and creative skills. Here are the top 10 useful apps on the App Store:

1. Khan Academy Kids: Developing reading, math and creative skills.
2. Duolingo: Offers language learning in the form of a game.
3. Epic: An e-library and reading platform for children.
4. ABCmouse: Designed for learning reading, math and science.
5. PBS KIDS Games: A collection of educational games and activities.
6. ScratchJr: Learning Programming for Kids.
7. LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD: Games for creative building and learning.
8. MentalUP learning games: Brain training through mental exercises and games.
9. Moose Math: Games to help you learn math.
10. Lingokids: Language learning and life skills development.

👪 These apps are great tools to enrich your children's educational experience and arm them with modern skills!

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