10 facts about TikTok star Khabi Lame!


In recent years, people who engage in various lifehacks (likehacks) have become very popular on the Internet. If you don't know what a lifehack is, it's the name of an exercise to do something faster and more efficiently. Unfortunately, some people have taken this exercise too far and messed things up. As for Habi Laim, he started releasing various videos on TikTok to prove that they were crossing the line. In his videos, he showed easy ways to do tricks and as a result his videos became very popular. Currently, Habi has over 53 million followers on TikTok and counting. 

1. A child of an ordinary family
Habi is Italian, but his family is originally from Senegal. He didn't have much money and lived in an apartment for those in need of social assistance. But for Habi, where he was from and living in a poor apartment was not at all shameful. In an interview with Alhar Digital, Habi said, “The house I grew up in is the place I am indebted to. They taught me there and allowed me to make many contacts.

2. About Habi's YouTube channel
I don't want to share my short videos on TikTok at the moment, but I don't want to create longer content. Ten music channels are not YouTube, nor do they share the same content. Judge po obrazheniyam v capke kanal, ego video zatronet samye raznye temy, v tom chisle i sport.

3. He is warm to his fans.
Thanks to my material Khaby zatronul lyudey po vsemu miru, i on achen blagodaran za lyubov i podderjku, kotorye oni emu okazali. On otvechaet svoim folloveram tay je lyubovyu vsyakiy raz, kogda u nego est shans. Ochen chasto mojno uvidet, kak on repostit fan-art i drugie soobshcheniya ot podpischikov.

4. Xabi knows 2 languages.
From Khabi Leim's correspondence, it can be seen that he is fluent in 2 languages. These are English and Italian.

5. Our hero likes to travel.
Khabi not only likes to sit in front of the screen, but also likes to travel. In the following years, our hero visited many countries.

6. Habi has a daughter he loves.
Like many other famous people, Xabi does not want to talk about his personal life. But it can be understood that he has a beloved daughter on his Instagram. The girl's name is Zaira Nuchi.

7. TikTok is not the only place where it has many fans.
TikTok is the first place that comes to mind when people hear the name Habi Leim. But apart from TikTok, Xabi is also quite famous on another social network, Instagram. Currently, his followers on Instagram are 13 million people.

8. Xabi loves fashion.
In the videos of our hero, we can see him in different clothes. She has her own style of dressing. Also, there are reports on the internet that she might be fond of popular fashion brands.

9. Family is important to Xabi. 
In one of his interviews with Khabi Olhar Digital, he mentioned that the concept of family is the most important for him in life. He likes to spend time with his family members and his family is the most important motivation for him. One of his main goals is to take care of his parents.

10. Xabi loves video games.
At the same time, our hero was not only sitting in front of the camera and engaged in life hacks, but also played video games. In addition to increasing his number of fun videos, it's likely that Xabi will start streaming one of the video games he's been playing in the near future.

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