50 interesting facts about boys and girls


50 interesting facts about boys and girls
We've rounded up 50 fun and quirky facts about guys and girls for all occasions! When collecting these facts, we took into account the psychological tendency of the relationship between them. We think that these facts will definitely be interesting for every guy and girl.
Top 10 facts about guys and girls
1. Boys think they are smarter than girls, and girls think they are smarter than boys.
2. Guys like girls to take the initiative, especially when girls make the first move! Girls, on the other hand, don't like to take the initiative because they are quite shy.
3. Guys prefer to talk on the phone rather than various chats on SMS and Telegram. And girls love texting because it makes them feel more relaxed.
4. Guys prefer the bitter truth to a pretty lie. And girls love sweet lies.
5. If a couple of guys get together, they talk about football or some other sport. If girls get together, they discuss guys.
6. Guys rarely talk to their friends about their personal relationships (girls) or ask each other for advice. And the girls talk to each other about it.
7. Guys don't like tears and various cries. And the girls keep crying left and right until they say it's the reason.
8. Guys don't like to walk around the store or the market for a long time, rather they choose modest clothes and buy them instead of attractive clothes. Girls can spend hours shopping and end up buying nothing, or vice versa, buying everything because "I don't have anything to wear."
9. Guys believe that it is possible to love without starting a family, while girls say the opposite.
10. Boys are curious when they are young and become more reserved as they get older, while girls are shy when they are younger and become real "Anacondas" as they get older!
The second 10 facts about relationships
1. If guys cook, it means some kind of holiday, if girls cook, know that it's an ordinary day of the week.
2. Guys don't really like the phrase "We need to talk to you seriously." Girls, on the other hand, take this as a marriage proposal.
3. Guys can do one job for hours. It's so boring for girls to do one thing for hours, they can do 10 things at once: putting on makeup, talking to a friend on the phone, cooking dinner, doing laundry, and more!
4. If guys give expensive gifts, it doesn't mean they are ready for marriage yet. If such a gift is given by girls, it means that the girl agrees to marry the boy.
5. When guys break up with their girlfriend, they forget to delete her (ex-girlfriend's) number from their contacts. In girls, it is completely the opposite, from the first seconds of parting, they delete not only phone numbers, but also all photos, social networks, and even completely stop communication with the guy's friends.
6. If guys like a girl, they try to get to know her. When a girl likes a guy, they feel that they are not suitable for this guy, they find fault with themselves for this, and eat their guts out.
7. Guys often don't think about what an ideal girl would be like for them, they are more attracted by girls' hair or eyes. And girls clearly imagine the "prince" of their dreams: even if the hair or eyes of the guy they meet do not match their ideal, they simply pass him by.
8. True love for guys is silence, that is, calmness. True love for girls is constant joy and happiness.
9. Guys can wear one outfit for a long time, but girls can't accept it, it annoys them every day.
10. If guys like a girl, they try to behave like a lion in front of her: they keep their shoulders straight and make bold moves. In the same situation, girls start to feel shy and uncomfortable in front of a guy and suddenly blush.
The third 10 facts about love
1. Guys don't like to talk about other people's romantic relationships. Girls, on the contrary: "Who? with whom? where did you meet? when? why?" can talk for hours about such questions.
2. Guys can have serious relationships with more than one girl before the wedding. For girls, the first relationship often ends with a wedding.
3. Usually guys don't believe in "love at first sight", but girls still hope for it.
4. Face and body are more important for guys than the "figure" of girls. On the contrary, for girls, guys prefer a handsome figure and a tall height, sometimes even if the guy is not as "handsome" as they dream, tall and strong muscles can attract girls.
5. Guys can talk about "life after the wedding" with courage, while girls try to push such topics as far as possible.
6. Guys are watching and shopping for more gadgets online, and girls are no secret that they're "rag-putta crazy."
7. Guys think mainly about how to earn money, girls think about what to spend more money on.
8. Boys tidy up the place where he sits (work or study room) whenever his daughter comes, while girls always keep the place where they sit tidy.
9. Guys blame the girl they talk to less often, and girls find fault with trivial things and complain several times a day.
10. After opening up, guys can quickly find "someone else", while girls can't forget their loved one and "analyze" where they made mistakes for a long time.
The fourth 10 facts about relationships
1. Guys try to "wrap up" girls with various words, while girls are used to hunting with their "carrying" looks.
2. If a guy doesn't call a girl back, there's a 95% chance he's forgotten about her. If a girl makes a promise and doesn't call back, it means that the guy is not interested in her.
3. Guys have very few different programs on their phones, while girls have a lot of them, and girls can even search for a boyfriend through different apps.
4. Guys like girls who show off their "figure" but who dress more modestly. And girls prefer more revealing or short dresses. This makes guys suspicious rather than attracted to them. In their eyes, such girls seem to talk or talk to several.
5. Guys like to hear "compliments" from girls, but girls don't like it at all, because they think that guys should only "compliment" them.
6. Young men often go out to the hall even after the wedding. And girls often prefer to rest after the wedding, thinking that the "mission" is accomplished.
7. Guys don't really understand why a woman does depilation, but many girls try to try it on their spouses, trying to prove what "sacrifices" they are making for beauty.
8. Guys can "tick up" their friends for their girlfriends, but girls can go so far as to break up with him if he finds out that his boyfriend is unhappy with one of his friends.
9. When guys find the girl of their dreams, they stop following their other friends' romantic relationships. And when girls meet such a guy and fall in love, they start an invisible race with their friends and acquaintances: "Who gave what gift to whom?", "Who expressed love to whom?", "Who asked for whose hand in marriage?" and wanting to feel similar emotions and receive such gifts, they look at their boyfriend and say: "Lobar's boyfriend gave me an iPhone!"
10. Boys can remain a child until they are old, but girls grow up very quickly, especially when they get married.
The fifth 10 facts about the strangeness of girls and boys
1. A bar of soap is all it takes for guys to shower! And for girls, you need at least 10 different things: soap, shampoo, balm, gel, various oils, masks and similar things.
2. Guys can't give up their various "habits" to start a family, and girls are ready to change 360 ​​degrees for that person when they meet the ideal person of their dreams.
3. For guys who keep an animal, for example, a dog, a dog can be their best friend, but if you have to choose between a dog or a girl, guys will definitely choose a girl. Girls, on the other hand, prefer their favorite kitten or puppy to a real relationship.
4. In almost 99% of cases, the guys make the first move among the broken couples, in such a case, making the first move is "equal to death" for girls.
5. Guys look for cute, beautiful, sometimes mother-like girls in relationships, while girls look for "that famous" prince on a white horse in fairy tales.
6. Boys read useful books, and girls read modern books.
7. Guys are not in a hurry to meet the parents of their beloved girls, while girls, on the contrary, want to meet the parents of their beloved boyfriend as soon as possible.
8. Guys can watch different "videos" when they're single, girls watch videos about how to get their boyfriend's attention when they're single.
9. As a rule, guys can set one alarm clock to get up in the morning and leave as soon as it rings. And girls can set several alarm clocks in a row to get up in the morning, which doesn't help, and it takes another 1 hour to get up.
10. A lonely guy buys a car so that he can be followed by a bunch of girls or to hook them up more easily. A lonely girl buys a car so that a better and richer guy can approach her.
If any of the facts listed above did not suit you, then we hasten to please you, because these facts were formed on the basis of a survey of many students and young people, and these facts are not about a single person, but about general situations that occur constantly.

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