Here is Autumn in our country (essay)


1. Autumn in our country
2. The coming of autumn
3. Narration about the autumn season.
Autumn is here in our country... What a beautiful and beautiful season... Just as every season has its own beauty, this season also has its own beauty, unlike any other season. As the poet and our writers said, this season is distinguished by "Hazon" leaves... When autumn comes, if you pay attention to the natural scenery, our mother nature will be covered in golden clothes. Beautiful natural landscapes are created. Yellow leaves falling on the ground create a special world. When you enter the parks and sit for a moment in front of the trees with the wonderful autumn mist, you will feel as if you have fallen into a magical world. The soft wind, rustling sounds of leaves express the feeling of innocence and renewal in our hearts... But for some reason, many people do not like the autumn season. Why ??? Many people call autumn the season of "Spilling", "Hazon-rezgi" ... And some say it is the season of the dead ... On the one hand, it is true. When autumn comes, trees and various animals prepare for hibernation. Trees shed their leaves, animals prepare their nests, eat food and go to sleep.
Each season has its own beauty. The autumn season, like any other season, is a wonderful sight. In autumn, tree leaves turn yellow and reddish. The weather has also become much cooler. The sun's rays fall on the earth obliquely, not vertically. The fruits of the oak tree begin to ripen and fall to the ground. The nimble apple trees begin to store the nuts and the mice to store the ears of wheat for the winter. Hedgehogs carry fallen leaves from the branches of trees to their nests in order to sleep softly on cold days. Some birds fly to hot countries. So, mother nature is preparing for hibernation.
Ibn Hajar Asqalani, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, interprets the above hadith in the book "Fathul Bari", a famous commentary on Sahih al-Bukhari: "Autumn is a certain part of the year. But here it means "year". Other seasons remain in this place: summer, winter, spring, and the mention of autumn is because it is the best season for ripening fruits."

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