Mirzo Ulugbek the king and the scientist (essay)


Great astrologer
2. The main part:
a) an enlightened king;
b) a student loyal to his teacher;
d) padarkush son.
3. Conclusion.
Impressions from reading Ulugbek Khazinasi.
Despite the fact that almost 650 years have passed since then, the image of Mirzo Ulugbek is being glorified not only in Uzbekistan, but all over the world. The whole world knows him not only as a king or a commander, but also as a historian, scientist and great astrologer. Ulugbek was born in March 1394 in the city of Sultaniye in western Iran, during the military campaign of his grandfather Temur. He was the eldest son of Shahrukh Mirza and was named Muhammad Taragay, but as a child he was called Ulugbek, a name that later became his main name. In his youth, Ulugbek became interested in science and art, especially mathematics and astronomy. In the expansion of his intellectual outlook, the rich library accumulated by his father and grandfather became the ground, where he spent much of his time and was one of the first to study the heavens, making discoveries that astonished the whole world.
Ulugbek took the throne early because of his strong memory, intellect and intelligence. In 1411, Shah Rukh appointed his eldest son Ulugbek as the governor of Movarunnahr and Turkestan. Ulugbek became governor at the age of 17 and, unlike his grandfather, was not interested in military campaigns and was more interested in science. He manages the salad with grace for many years. During this period, madrasas, mosques, khanaqahs, and many other monuments were built. Undoubtedly, the largest and most studied place in the world with great interest is the observatory, which Ulugbek saw and did a lot of research. He was able to determine the location of 1018 stars and the length of an astronomical year in his observatory 365 days 6 hours 10 minutes 8 seconds. In short, Ulugbek made a great contribution to the development of the state, history and science.
The role of his teachers in the development of Ulugbek to such a high level and his development as a mature person is invaluable, of course. But Ulugbek was brought up by his grandmother Saroymulk during his childhood. It is also known from history that one of Ulugbek's teachers was the astrologer Mawlana Ahmad. This man was one of the greatest scientists in Timur's palace, and was able to compile tables of the next two hundred-year calendars of the planets. Ulugbek himself, in his later major work, Zij, also called Rumi "my teacher" and paid homage to him. Of course, Ulugbek's loyalty, respect and reverence for such a teacher will undoubtedly serve as a true example for the younger generation.
No matter how great and humane he may be, he will die in the arms of his son. In the struggle for the throne, the son kills his father and becomes a patriarch, but his efforts do not last long, depriving him of the throne just as his father killed Ulugbek.
It should be noted that Ulugbek is great for me not only because he was a famous scientist of the Middle Ages, but also because he was a scientist who experienced the most difficult tragedy in the history of our peoples. Many writers have referred to the life of the great scientist, statesman Ulugbek. Odil Yakubov's novel "Ulugbek's Treasure" stands out among the yellows created in the image of Ulugbek. Not every writer who talks about Ulugbek can avoid this wonderful work. I got a lot of impressions from this novel. In particular, the novel begins with the story of the last period of Ulugbek's life. The novel mentions the fact that he was killed in his own son, and many other events are mentioned, and the fact that a number of historical figures were also present here aroused great interest.
In this novel, I saw that the most memorable and impressive was that human pride was very strong in Ulugbek. Even though Ulugbek knew that his son was going to die when he killed him, the main wealth that he had led Movarounahr for forty years - madrasas and observatories, a rare treasure - a library and the works he created - were gone. his departure worries him.
In conclusion, I would like to say that Ulugbek was an important innovation in our literature in terms of his life and the depiction of the psychological drama of the novel characters dedicated to him. We, the younger generation, know how great our ancestors lived in the past through such masterfully written works, and we can proudly say for future generations.
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