Names of Tashkent gates


Names of Tashkent gates

Tashkent, like any big or small city, was surrounded by a defensive wall in the past. As they say, a city cannot exist without gates, the gates of Tashkent could be seen even at the end of the 19th century. The number of gates varied: in the 18th century there were 8 gates, in the early 19th century there were 12.

Historian Muhammed Salih noted the following gates:

1) Qiyat gate;
2) Gate of the Turks;
3) Gate of Uzbeks;
4) Takhtapul gate;
5) Karasaroy gate;
6) Chigatai Gate;
7) Subaniyan (Sagboyi) gate;
8) Kokcha Gate;
9) Gate of Archers;
10) Kangli Gate;
11) Beshogoch Gate;
12) Gate of Qatagon (Kuymas-Kenagas).

However, by the end of the 19th century, when Tashkent was occupied by Tsarist Russia (1865), it had 12 gates with the following other names:

1) Labzak
2) Cash
3) Black Palace
4) Sag'bon
5) Chigatai
6) Street
7) Samarkand
8) Kamalon
9) Beshogoch
10) Do not put
11) Kokan
12) Kashkar

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