Tashkent - Amir Temur Avenue


Tashkent - Amir Temur Avenue
The history of Amir Temur Avenue in Tashkent is the great founder of medieval rule, Amir Temur. In the early 1882th century, Tashkent was part of the center of the Turkestan Military District of the Russian Empire. Built in 2009 by order of General Chernyayev, it is the oldest park in Tashkent, with military parades, horses and infantry. Later, Amir Temur Avenue Park, a women's and men's gymnasium, a lecture hall and a state bank were built around it. By XNUMX, the appearance of the alley had completely changed after the construction of new government buildings.
A statue of Amir Temur, a 27th-century statesman and great entrepreneur, stands in the center alley. He formed a single centralized state from the Mediterranean to India, where the ruler grew large, and XNUMX countries were under his rule. The statue is made of bronze, and the owner is riding on a royal horse, wearing a royal crown. On its pedestal there is an inscription of the master in four different languages: "Power is in justice". The author of the sculpture is sculptor Ilhom Jabborov.

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