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Is it obligatory to perform ghusl after marriage, or is it permissible even if one performs ablution?


Bismillahir Rohmanir Rohim. After the couple has joined, it is obligatory to perform ghusl, even if the semen is not revealed. It is narrated in a hadith: "If the cut of two genitals collides and the head is missing, ghusl is obligatory, whether semen is revealed or not." (Reported by Muslim) ).

We know from the following verse that ghusl is obligatory for a person who is junub:

And if you are aside, purify yourself

That is, "If you are junub, then purify yourselves." (Surat al-Ma'ida, 6) There are three fards in ghusl:
- mouthwash;
- nasal lavage;
- Wash all parts of the body.

It is sunnah for a person to perform ghusl in the following order: first he washes his hands, then he removes his' awrah and impurity from his body, then he performs ablution as he did in prayer, and then he washes his feet three times with water all over his body. If water collects under it, it comes out of the collected water and washes its feet on the edge (Hidaya, Al-Ikhtiyar). Intention in ghusl is sunnah. Vallohu a'lam.
Fatwa panel of the Office of Muslims of Uzbekistan.

Source: Fatwa.uz

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