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Mammologist's advice (Questions and answers)

C: — Even though it has been more than half a year since I weaned my child, a little liquid (discharge) comes from my breast. My friends say that it is necessary to take hormonal drugs at such a time. What do you recommend?

J: — In case of discharge from the breast, it is necessary to undergo an endocrinologist's examination and take a blood test for hormones. Also, the state of pituitary function is checked, and the necessary treatment is prescribed according to the results. Depending on the change after the endocrinologist's treatment, you can undergo a mammological examination. If this is not a condition related to the activity of hormones, the function of the breasts is checked by mammography and the necessary treatment is prescribed.

C: — Can benign breast swelling begin without any symptoms?

J: — Symptoms are observed in benign tumors. For example, according to the shape of the tumor that can occur in the breast, it is like a nut, an egg or a pea, and it is elastic and movable. It can also be known by palpation of the breast. Cysts are distinguished by fluid accumulation. Sometimes oncological tumors can develop without symptoms. In order not to miss the latent period of the disease, it is necessary to undergo medical examinations.

C: – My attending physician recommended hormonal contraceptives against ovarian inflammation. I have been taking them for two years now. Can these hormonal drugs affect the activity of the mammary glands?

J: - Yes, hormonal drugs can affect the activity of the mammary glands. You cannot always control the hormones produced in the body's natural environment. Therefore, in order not to have additional problems, finish the medication you are currently taking and consult with your doctor about using other contraceptives. Hormonal drug cannot be stopped at any time. Therefore, finish the treatment.

C: - What days should I apply for a mammogram? In addition to the UTT examination, what other analyzes are submitted?

J: – After the end of the menstrual cycle, after 5-6 days, you can undergo a mammogram and do a mammogram. In necessary cases, according to the doctor's opinion, the activity of the ovaries and thyroid gland is also checked. For example, if a UTT examination is sufficient when diagnosing fibrosis, a mammography may be prescribed in the case of breast hardening, and if necessary, a biopsy.

👩🏻‍⚕️ Expert: Nigora Mahmudova, mammologist.

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