Riddles about the book


Riddles. Riddles about the book. With answers to riddles.

On this page you will find riddles about the book. About the book Puzzles can be used in school classes, at home and in preschools. Along with the answers.

Not a tree, deciduous,
Not a shirt, but a skirt,
Man does not speak,
Different tunes are sung.

Cover on,
Bottom cover,
Leaves inside.

Without a tongue, the mind teaches.

With almond almonds,
With seven key roofs.
No eyes, no mouth,
With a man who talks.

I opened the white ground,
I sprinkled black wheat.
(Paper, writing)

Sown by hand,
They cry with their mouths.
(Writing, reading)

I climbed the mountain and did not break,
I broke into the water.

Surface stick,
Paint the inside

It's too loose.
(Reed pen)


The four young men in the net,
All four are brave young men.

Four old women in our house,
All four are brave old women.

They get a lot of wrestlers in a dark house.

We have one person,
Forty teeth in his mouth.
(Wool comb)


The white dog barked,
The snow was full.



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