Key Things to Consider When Buying a Used iPhone


Key Things to Consider When Buying a Used iPhone 👀

Are you also planning to buy a used iPhone? But before buying, you should pay attention to the following important points:

1️⃣ Appearance: Check that the phone's body and screen are intact. Minor scratches are normal, but deep scratches or a broken screen can be a problem when you sell it later.

2️⃣ Battery status: "Settings" →
Check the battery health via "Battery Status". If the battery is below 80%, it will need to be replaced soon.

3️⃣ IMEI number: Check the phone's IMEI number! The territory of Uzbekistan must be registered

4️⃣ Lock status: Check if the phone can only work with a specific operator. If you want to use with another operator, a locked phone is not suitable for you.

5️⃣ Sensors and buttons: Check that all sensors, buttons and Touch ID or Face ID are working.

6️⃣ Camera and microphone: Test the camera and microphone performance. Check that pictures and videos come out in good quality and that there are no problems with sound recording.

7️⃣ Warranty and Return : If possible, ask the seller about warranty or return.

🔍 By being careful when buying a used iPhone, you will save money!

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