Nutrition of a 1-year-old child


Nutrition of a 1-year-old child
The child is trying to eat by himself. It is not necessary to hinder this process. The size of the main portions that the child eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner is from 300 to 450 g, and around 200 g in the afternoon. The feeding interval does not exceed 3-4 hours.
Daily routine During the period of intensive growth of a one-year-old baby, it is very important to follow the correct daily routine. Children of this age not only rapidly develop all organs, but also new abilities appear every month. Adherence to the daily schedule allows all biological, psychological and physiological processes to be carried out correctly.
✅Morning gymnastics A complete arrangement of the correct day for a one-year-old child cannot be done without charge. Due to excessive activity during the day, many mothers believe that morning exercises are not necessary yet. This is not the case, because charging helps to quickly and fully activate all the vital functions of the child's body. Exercise should target all muscle groups and the spine, including jumping, squatting, and bending.
✅ Walking They walk with one-year-old children twice a day in good weather, on cold days you can reduce the number and duration of being in the fresh air. Duration of walking during the day is about 4-5 hours with breaks for sleeping and feeding the child. A one-year-old child on the street is already more active, he prefers to walk and run than to sit on the road.
✅Development of activity At the age of one year, the child's development is focused on the formation of knowledge of the surroundings and the ability to speak correctly, intellectual and creative abilities, fine perception and motor skills. Development activities should be carried out in the form of a game. They should not tire the child, depending on the mood of the child, the optimal time in one approach is from 7 to 15 minutes.
✅Hygiene procedures before bedtime The child should be taught water procedures at a very early age. A one-year-old child can already be in the bath independently under the supervision of an adult. It is especially useful to practice hygiene before going to bed. It is recommended to start bathing after the baby goes to the potty. After soaking in warm water, the child's well-being improves. It calms and relaxes, which promotes deep sleep

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