A set of dictations for primary grades


1st grade collection of dictations


I got a book. It was about birds. I enjoyed reading it. I also gave this book to the zakir. Zakir read and was happy.

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We joined the library. There are many books there. we are going to buy books on friday. We keep the books well. I will take a book about animals and birds.

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Our school is big. She is very beautiful, neat. We love our school.

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2st grade collection of dictations

In the spring

The weather became cloudy. There was a strong wind. Large raindrops began to fall. There was a strong thunderstorm. Don't go - go lightning. His crooked shape was clearly visible. After a while, the clouds parted and the sun appeared. After the spring rain, the nature becomes very beautiful.

3st grade collection of dictations

Mother's Day will be soon. We want to welcome this holiday. Each of us to our grandmother, our mother, We are preparing gifts for our sisters. I sewed a handkerchief. My sister is making a box, my brother made an album for a gift. We are growing flowers for our mother. The buds should open before the holiday. We present it to our mother.

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4st grade collection of dictations


         Early in the morning, my uncle and I went to the forest. My uncle used to clear the way by pushing the young saplings he found on the road.

We approached the hill where the ants live. Taking his binoculars, he sat down on a stool near the anthill and began to observe it. My uncle used to guard their houses because he loved the peaceful and friendly ants. At this time, I learned a lot from him about the life of ants, their struggle and the division of labor between them.

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