About ECO (artificial insemination)!


‼ ️ About ECO (artificial insemination)!

How is this process performed, is it safe for the mother, what kind of child is born tug'

⏩It takes 72 hours and is done in 3 steps:

🔷️ Growing an egg from the mother's womb
🔷️ Addition of a mature t cell with the required sperm in the laboratory (average 2 days)
🔷️ Placement into the uterus in the mother’s womb after fertilization

♀️ When taking an egg from a woman, the woman is not touched by any knife, a special tube is inserted under general anesthesia, and thus t. cell is absorbed (20-30 minutes)

♂️ When we test a spermogram on a man's testicle, we can get live sperm from it (from a woman's own husband). Unfortunately, if the spermogram shows 0%, it is necessary to find another donor

⁉️Being a child from Eco looks at 2 things:

⏩ How healthy a woman's body is and how old she is (up to 35)

🔴Children born of eco are not born with any defects or are infertile, they grow up just like us, what kind of person he is depends on upbringing👨‍⚕️