Can she lick her genitals? erhotin can enjoy each other's bodies.

God: Your wives are yours. It is said that you can approach your neighbor from any direction.

It should also be noted that sexual intercourse between a couple is forbidden to have intercourse with the woman of the earth and to have intercourse with her during intercourse.

God says, "Beware of your wife during menstruation." One more thing to mention is that in Islam, the relationship between husband and wife should be based on etiquette. It is not Islamic for women to take or kiss the penis in their mouths.

Another thing is that the genitals are often dirty, and it is very likely that the semen will come out during the ejaculation of the genitals, which can be dirty to swallow and kiss. It is not in accordance with Islam for sperm to enter the mouth.

It is difficult to say that it is haram, even when there is no clear evidence that it is haraam to cleanse one's genitals. However, it is not permissible to put the members of the Qur'an who recite the Qur'an in their mouths.

Advice to the man
In fact, healthy people are reluctant to do such things. But people are changing because unscrupulous things are so prevalent now.

Making pornographic movies or getting the word out to perverts makes people love to do it.

He has to stay away from pornography and depraved people in order to lose his love. The fact that your wife does not agree to do this is a sign that her chastity and nature are healthy.

- It is a shame to wait for this topic. It is even more shameful for Muslims to follow the example of others and make such statements. This was not the case until recently. The shameless movies of the West came out after the dispersal.

Is it possible to fill the face tool with ash
This work is called masturbation. In the Shari'ah, it is called istimna for a person to indulge his lust. This kind of work is filthy and very dangerous. For more information on masturbation, you can search the Internet for "Masturbation is Dangerous" and "Masturbation is Dangerous."


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