Damage to poor quality toys.


⚡️Damage of poor quality toys.

Are you interested in the composition of toys that your child will play with and put in his mouth during the day? 99% of parents don't think about it.

🔖 In Europe, the composition of toys is strictly controlled. The reason is that many manufacturers use banned substances to increase the shine, luster of toys and to use cheaper material.

The quality and safety of toys coming from China and produced in our country are unknown to us. But the excessive use of substances such as styrene, phenol, which are used in plastic toys, the use of cheap types of raw materials will not leave your child without poisoning.

🧨 Poor quality toy causes anemia, blood diseases, calcium deficiency, diseases of the oral cavity and gastrointestinal tract, and even various changes in the brain.

Substances in soft toys cause allergies.

🔖 Pay close attention to quality when choosing a toy for your child. Buy certified toys as much as possible.

You will gradually understand why tourists from Europe appreciate toys made of natural materials because of handicrafts.
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