Hilpira flag, Hilpira proud!


Hilpira flag, Hilpira proud!
November 18 - the day of adoption of the State flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan!
When we see our national flag flying with happiness and peace in the glow of colors, when we proudly raise it to the blue, our whole body is filled with excitement and pride. There is probably no one who does not love and appreciate our national flag, which is a symbol of our independence and happiness.
National and cultural traditions are only reflected in the National flag, which is flying boldly towards growth and development, whether it is on the roof of skyscrapers, or it is proudly displayed on the desktop. The blue color on the flag is a symbol of the eternal sky and eternal life, meaning the essence of life, goodness, wisdom, glory and loyalty. If the combination of white color, which is a symbol of peace, purity, innocence, is discovering a strange beauty, green color is a symbol of renewal of mother nature, joy, hope and joy.
If the red stripes flying in the spirit of exaltation over the flag are the rivers of vital power flowing in our body, then the image of twelve stars directly related to our historical traditions, the ancient solar calendar, has a place in it. It is also explained by the development of "astronomy" in our scientific thinking in the ancient states on the border of Uzbekistan. The image of twelve stars is understood as a symbol of the antiquity of the culture of the Uzbek people, their pursuit of perfection and happiness in their own land.
From the first years of independence, our country, which is boldly moving on the path of development, has consistently established friendly relations with foreign countries. Today you can see that our national flag is shining brightly in every partner country. When you see the national flag of Uzbekistan, which it accepted in 1992, waving at the front of the United Nations, or at various celebrations, festivals, sports competitions, you can't help but feel excited. Involuntarily, tears roll in the eyes. This is the feeling of love for the Motherland, the nation, for which the navel blood was shed.
"I realized for the first time during a trip to Saudi Arabia that our flag is literally a holy gospel, which you need to feel the love and warmth of the Motherland, and which shows the value of the country," said the reporter of "Fergana Haqiqiti" newspaper, "Do Ma'murakhan Abdurahimova, holder of the Order of "Stlik". - More than ten million representatives of different nationalities enter the city of Makkah in one day. Pilgrims and crowds around the Kaaba increase so much that it is not out of the question to lose your companions and group members and lose your way. Although there are not many such situations, it happens unexpectedly. Then our eyes will first of all look for the flag of Uzbekistan in the hands of the group leader. We recognize the waving flag from afar. Although you are already a great destination, a blessed Kaaba, the love of the Motherland attracts us through this flag. At that time, I admitted that our flag is more beautiful and dear than that of all countries.
- After receiving the diploma of the winner in the competition, I excitedly started looking for my teacher among thousands of spectators, - says Farzona Yuldasheva, the winner of the "Sea Sun Festival" international pageant held in Lored de Mar, Spain. - My teacher Olimjon Ikramov greeted me while waving our national flag high. At that moment, a fire shot out of my heart, tears of joy washed my face. As an Uzbek girl, I was happy that I was able to raise the flag of our country on the world stage.
- In the present peaceful and peaceful period, flags reflect independence and nationalism, - says Iqbal Kasimov, a student of Fergana State University. - Every time the flag of Uzbekistan flies in the arenas of the world, on high towers. I can't contain my joy, I'm excited. State symbols, which are the expression of the nation's history, present and future, are as dear and sacred as the Motherland. The flag of independent Uzbekistan has always been valued as the most important tool in the formation of national pride, self-sacrifice and patriotism.
Goodness, glory, loyalty, purity, and people's pride are reflected in our flag. Therefore, pride and honor, respect and honor
The state flag, which has gained value in the spirit, will always be highly valued as one of the great blessings that brought independence.

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