"Mangu hilpira Uzbek flag" open spiritual hour.


"Mangu hilpira Uzbek flag" open spiritual hour.
1 — Student:
Greetings to you, O sages of the world
O beauties of the time, greetings to you
Our circle is you dear friends
Dear teachers who are passionate about our language
2 — Student:
I'll start by saying hello
With infinite respect
A sense of respect was showered
With a poetic word
3 — Student:
Hello dear teachers and students. Here are the students of our circle today  "Mangu hilpira Uzbek flag"   We have prepared an open spiritual hour on the topic. We announce that the hour of spirituality is open.
New topic statement:
1 — reader: Foreign guest on Uzbek land 2 — reader:
After seeing his flag, he told me what to do
He suddenly got a headache. It will be good
His eyes sparkled. Be safe, my Uzbeg
Yasha, carefree
As if for him His joys
A new dawn has dawned in my heart,
"Hello, my child," he said, waking up in my body
Bright feeling from long fatigue
They passed before my eyes one by one
Suddenly conscious
Whisper something
On the axis in the heart
The sun was shining
Like in the beginning
3 — student:
We will feed if we miss
Blue color
The stars remind
Our own sky
The moon is new
It is a graft to the flag
Our soul
In this, Hindu is Arab
There is even a hakas
Let's say Uzbekistan
They love to do it
Farangu is from Germany
I have many friends
My height too
Not less than that
4 — student:
I know in the world
There are many countries.
Each has its own way
Border is his name.
Say from Jomard
There is no desire
If it starts with the flag
Greetings from the homeland
Maybe these are my words
Simple, simple
We do not pay attention
Sometimes ourselves
Our flag is always
More serious than us
It will be known to the world
Light is our face
5 — student:
The flag is a sign of a faction, organization, community, nation and its state. Among them, the flag that is most important for the nation and signifies its independence and international respect is the state flag.
6 — student:
The national flag is considered sacred and is preserved with reverence. It is not allowed to disrespect it, because disrespecting the national flag is equivalent to disrespecting all the residents of this country.
7 — student:
 A flag usually consists of a muslin curtain, which is longer than it is wide, and one side of the width is attached to a handle. Flags differ from each other in color and patterns. Our ancestors have had their own flags since ancient times.
  1 — student:
- Children, now the colors of our flag will tell you about the moon and stars. Please pay attention, pour it into your ears.
2 — student:
- I will be blue - a piece of the country's sky. I mean peace in the world. Again, I am like crystal clear water. After all, life flows in the river. I wish that his heart will always be transparent. Never get muddy.
3 — student:
- I am pure blood flowing through my veins like a red drug. I call everyone to live, work and fight under the national flag.
4 — student:
- I will be white. I myself am white, my heart is white, and my deeds are pure. That's why I have more praise.
5 — student:
"I'm green." What does he mean? To live green means to be young, to believe in tomorrow. Nonu means luck, pure weather means air, health means safety. My dreams are great, may the country live forever. Let the widow neigh like a horse.
6 — student:
 - Oh, my love, my love. Momo full of stories. My vision is three or four days. My intentions are overflowing with people.
If they ask for their thoughts, I am a confidant.
I am a companion when they walk.
I connect peaceful nights with peaceful days
I will tell the world about the honor of Uzbekistan.
7 — student:
 - Twelve stars are our two moons. If you add up, it will take a year. Who lived how, good, bad? We will rate without hesitation. And we twelve stars are our own two constellations. We are moving with the moon and the sun. Seasons change. A new day, new people are born. We have a presence at the bar. Let the flag of the country, which we reflect, and the flag itself, stand as long as the world stands.
1 — student:
Illuminating the eyes
Flag of the Republic
The sky is wide clear
Vatan chaman every oil
Flag of the Republic
2 — student:
A companion is our way
Parpirab is in our hands
Mehri lives in tongues
The picture is in our hearts
Flag of the Republic
3 — student:
If it shines, it will be green in color
You say the sun
A caller to victory
Flag of the Republic
4 — student:
Peace is independence
Dreams laugh at that
This is the brightness of the future
Flag of the Republic
5 — student:
This is glorious Uzbekistan
Our happiness is our spring
The name is epic in languages
It is our pride
Flag of the Republic
6 — student:
Havorang is white and green
Border red belt
That's why it's beautiful
The flag of Uzbekistan
7 — student:
 Twelve lucky stars
It suits him well
To him the peoples of the world
They look with passion
8 — student:
It is called an independent country
Every oil on earth
It is very important to us
The flag of Uzbekistan
 Hilpirar is the flag of our country
Our pride, the honor of our time
He was the charm of hearts
Eltardi Yilla's caravan
N – T
This flag is in good hands
Mangu is on the roads
 The sun shines on the rays
Calls for the brightest days
Quick to say.
Did Bahadir give the flag to the boat?
Did Batir sell the flag?
to find
It is the symbol of our happiness, it shines like the sun
He always calls our people to victories
This is the end of today's thematic round.

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