Our flag is our pride event scenario


Theme: Our flag is our pride
The purpose of the lesson: To inculcate feelings of love for the Motherland in the hearts and minds of students, to educate them in the spirit of loyalty to our homeland, its rich cultural heritage and symbols. Forming feelings of pride in living in such a dear Motherland. Highlighting the sanctity of state symbols
Type of lesson: Generalized Scenery Lesson
Teacher: - Hello, dear students! Today's topic is "Our flag - our pride".
                   The motto of our lesson:
                  Eternal pride, faith
                  My radiant faith,
                  Take care of your dice soil
                  My sacred duty.
         The national anthem of Uzbekistan will be played. A schoolgirl appears on the stage as a symbol of Humo bird
         Humo bird: After listening to your festive lessons, I flew here to find out the extent of your love for the Motherland.
         Students: — Welcome Humo bird, welcome to our circle!
         Huma bird: -I am a humo bird, I was a legend,
                              Today I am in front of you
                              I'll be with you shoulder to shoulder,
                              May this dear land be free and flourish
         Teacher: - Dear students, tell me, what is the Motherland?
         Student 1: - Motherland - our parents
         Student 2: — Motherland is the cradle where we grew up
         Student 3: — Homeland is our living room
         Student 4: — Motherland is our school of education.
         Student 5: — Motherland is our village, our village
         Student 6: — Our homeland is independent Uzbekistan.
         Teacher:- Very good dear children! Please describe the flag of Independence
On stage, students dressed in the colors of the flag come out and describe the flag.
1 - student: It is known that with the introduction of Islam to the territories inhabited by the Turkic peoples, the flags of the peoples living on the land also underwent certain changes. The new moon and stars are symbols of Islam. Green color is also one of the symbols of Islam.
2 - student: One or another of these symbols is still present in the flags of the countries or countries that have adopted the religion of Islam. If we look at the flags of the countries of the world, even if it is not written which country the flags belong to, we can learn from those symbols which country the people who believe in Islam live in.
3 - student: The azure blue of the flag symbolizes the sky and clear water, the sources of life in the blue.
4 - student: White color means peace and purity.
5 - student: Green represents vibrant life and fertility.
6 - student: Red lines are a symbol of blood, the source of life pulsating in the body of every living creature, and the bond of life connecting heaven and earth.
7 - student: The new moon is a symbol of our newfound independence as well as being in keeping with our long-standing traditions.
8 - student: Stars are a sign of a clear sky in all nations, that is, a symbol of happiness. The fact that there are 12 of them is related to the 12 constellations in the sky.
                   Hamma:- To make the soul of the great happy
                 If you say so, say the word Vatandin
         The reader: — I had such a terrible dream seventy years ago,
                  On the ground I saw a wingless captive bird.
                 The Almighty is gone, the Cholpons are gone,
                  Abdurauf Fitrat, Elbek, Osmanlarim
                   Each of the light worlds is gone.
After that, one of the students sings the song "The motherland is one - the motherland is one".
         Teacher: Thank you dear children? Independence reigns in our country today. It is our duty to preserve our independence. It is named every year since we gained independence on the initiative of our President. You will learn more about this as you flip through the yearbook. (Yearbook scrolls)
         Reader:— September 1991, 1, Uzbekistan gained independence and was declared the year of Alisher Navoi. The presidential election of Uzbekistan was held and Islam Karimov was elected as the President.
         The reader: — 1992 was declared the year of Ahmad Yassavi, and in this year the Republic of Uzbekistan got its coat of arms and anthem. became a member of the UN. The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan was adopted.
         Reader: - I am a happy Uzbek, a free person,
                      I am equal, I am happy.
                     I am the old world, the new age,
                   I have my own law regarding the destiny of my people.
         Reader: - 1993 was declared as the year of Mirza Babur. In the same year, the first order of Uzbekistan "For a Healthy Generation" was established.
         Reader: — 1994 was declared the year of Mirza Ulugbek. In July of the same year, the national currency of Uzbekistan, the soum, was put into circulation
         Teacher: — In this way, each of the years of independence is called by its own names, and it is the beginning of good works for the development in several areas. My children, let's test your knowledge about the riches of our beautiful country.
         Reader: — His people;
  • thousand years of history
  • immortal culture and enlightenment
  • surface and underground resources…..
After that, the blessings of mother earth being grown in the fields are shown one by one on video tapes.
Teacher:- The greatest wealth of our country is you, dear children! Unfortunately, it is extremely sad that there are some people who cannot see our independence and our peaceful land. Children, you should always live alertly, being loyal to our Motherland.
After that, the song "Yurt Ishqida Yamanam" is played from the tape recorder.
Huma bird: - Dear students! I was very happy to come here and see how much you love our Motherland.
To strengthen the topic, children's knowledge is tested by giving test questions related to the symbols of our country and important dates
My flag is blue
A sign from the sky.
Always white
Goodness is common.
Green is life
Both thrive nature.
Kip - on the red line
Yashnagay has good intentions.
Full stars in the sky
The symbol on our flag.
The moon is a symbol of independence
A sign of independence.
My flag is waving over my head  
When I look at you, my eyes are bright.
Blue, green, white erur colors
Blood in the red line vein.
Let the sky be clear blue
Green valleys appear on the foothills.
Shining the colors of white snow,
The moon shines with the stars
Halpirayver is the flag of my homeland
You are the pride of their hearts         

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