Consequences of insomnia.


Consequences of insomnia.

1. Our brain gets tired

The human brain can be awake until 23:00 in the evening. If you are accustomed to sleeping after 23:00, your mental activity will slow down over time. Some take a nap from 23pm to 00am and then do the writing and drawing. This is also harmful to health. Especially the nervous system is damaged. Weakness, irritability, mood swings can be observed.

2. Your appearance will change

At night, the cells in the body are renewed. To do this, they need to rest. Renewal processes do not occur when the body is awake. You can see that wrinkles and paleness appear on the skin of the face.

3. Chronic fatigue

At first it feels like you want to sleep during the day. Gradually, the ability to work decreases, memory weakens, you find it difficult to concentrate. Because the body is very tired. Insomnia, on the other hand, also drains backup energy.

4. Immunity is weakened

Everything is as clear as day. Inadequate sleep disrupts the immune system. Metabolic processes in the body are disrupted and immunity is weakened. This condition can be followed by frequent cold sores and colds.

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