About Khudoiberdiev Khushnud Gayratovich


Khushnudbek Khudoiberdiyev

- The person you see above is Khushnudbek Khudaiberdiyev, a well-known Uzbek blogger, sharp critic, intellectual, scholar and lawyer.

Khudoiberdiyev Khushnud Gayratovich was born on June 1989, 7 in Chirakchi district of Kashkadarya region. He always says that good is always good and bad is always bad.

- Khushnudbek started school at the age of 5. At the age of 21, he graduated from the Tashkent Law Institute with honors.
- At present he is the Deputy Director of the National News Agency of Uzbekistan.
- Our hero was a four-time winner of Zakovat intellectual games.

Khushnudbek Khudayberdiyev is married. He is married to poetess Mehrinoz Abbasova, winner of the Zulfiya State Prize.

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