Is it possible to find out now whether he was admitted or not?


❓Is it possible to find out now whether he was admitted or not?

As you know, 2 days ago all the tests were completed and the results of all applicants were announced. So, now the list on the website will not change.

☝️In short, those who are currently on the list of students enrolled in the main quota can already celebrate their graduation without waiting for the final results. Because now the applicants are on all the lists according to their chosen directions up to five, and in the mandate only 1 will remain on the list and will be removed from the four.

🔴This means that someone will leave the current list, but strangers with high scores from other directions will not be added to the list.
🔴Besides, those who received a military recommendation letter, disabled persons, women with a recommendation letter, children of military personnel and other privileged persons will be removed from the register.

✅ So, when the mandate comes out, the probability that you will move up from your place in the current list is very high, but it is certain that you will not go down.

🔵Also, those who are currently at the beginning of the contract ( may increase the budget.
🔵 Those who could not enter can be promoted to the contract, please be patient and pray.

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