Causes of green stool color in infants


In newborns, the green color of the stool is often the norm. If there is no reason to bother the child, if he is healthy, active, and there is no doubt other than color, then this is the norm.

If the baby is irritable, dizzy, it is necessary to immediately see a pediatrician, to quickly determine the cause of the problem and begin treatment.

Causes of green stools in newborns:

1) Due to the fact that the mother consumes large amounts of vegetables and greens that contain chlorophyll (green) pigment

2) Due to the mother's iron supplements and antibiotics

3) Due to hormonal changes in the mother

4) Due to the oxidation of feces in the air (this is due to the fact that the child who "filled the diaper" was neglected by the parents for several hours)

5) Due to inability to absorb lactose (rarely)

6) Dysbacteriosis - this condition occurs due to immaturity of the intestinal microflora and the lack of balance between them.

7) Green foamy stool. It is caused by a lack of fat and carbohydrates in milk.

8) In salmonellosis (dark green color)

Our children are our future, let us always pay attention to them!