May 25 Last bell songs and wishes, lions


Last bell, songs about school and classmates:

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Wishes and Lions:
The stars are crying in the sky this evening
The full moon between the blue cries silently
In the school garden next to Majnuntal
A girl cries with pain in her heart
It makes the hearts tremble
last call »
Moments of separation are so painful
Stay tuned »Last call»
Unspoken and unspoken words
Letters written sometimes openly and sometimes secretly
A heart-to-heart conversation
The colors turn yellow and hurt my heart
A notebook in the hands of the girls
Now it has become a dream
Pictures taken with a classmate
It makes the hearts tremble
Stay tuned »Last call»
I don't want to leave munis school
I've loved you forever, you're a lamp
I don't want to hide, I'm young too
Stay tuned »Last call»
What awaits us yet
Sad love, sad separation
Our glorious era is coming to an end
Stay tuned »Last call»

In the last days of spring, when we leave school, we feel as if we are leaving a part of our dreams, our youth. At the end of the day, we want to go back in time, but it's impossible, it's a new life, new dreams and unexpected exams…

Today is the last day of school
Eleven years is the end of childhood.
Now life will be your classroom, at school
The last bell rang today.
I don't know, maybe it's the sound that touches your soul,
Maybe you’re even tired of lessons.
Maybe your teacher is nervous,
But never forget the last school period!
After all, it was not easy to wait 11 years,
11 years of life spent in vain.
It is not easy to catch the skirts of teachers,
Everyone has their own way, be patient.
Maybe you forgot, maybe you remember,
The little girl who stepped into this place,
Oh, you were a child, full of joy
The first bell to ring.
A pure girl who does not know the alphabet
Advice for growing up mother.
A turtle that got bored running away from class
The advice we do for ourselves today.
11 joys and worries in 11 years:
Of course, adventures do not go unnoticed.
Friendship opened in the classroom garden,
Some people have a pure love.
Now the teacher does not check the life lesson,
It is not possible to move the task.
Not included in the diary "2" grades,
Now is the time to forgive mistakes.
Classmates, you can no longer be friends,
You can't be friends anymore, but remember:
Your friends will be forever shoulder to shoulder,
The last bell does not ring for friendship.
Great poems or stories about a new poem for your last call
Great poems or stories about a new poem for your last call

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