Leading Navbahor, Navruz has come to my country!


For centuries, our people have been looking forward to Navruz, a beloved holiday that awakens creativity and creativity, kindness and solidarity, in a word, the whole being. This holiday, which forgets all kinds of conflicts and animosities, inspires human feelings such as kindness, compassion and mercy, solidarity and generosity in the hearts, is widely celebrated in every corner of the country, even in remote villages. The sounds of spring, which connect the day with the night, signal the beginning of the Navruz holiday, and the loved ones embrace each other and express sincere congratulations and best wishes. 
 There is a person who seeks refuge in the prayers of the elderly, who lives in a land where the sky is clear, and there is a feeling of gratitude on his face. As we walk around the parks, the thought that our people deserve such otameros holidays instinctively moves from our tongues to our tongues.
- Navruz is a holiday in which the past is connected with today. In the moments of Navruz, the rich culture and unique values ​​inherited from our ancestors will be embodied in our eyes as a whole, - says Doctor of Historical Sciences, ethnographer Adham Ashirov. “Festive festivities in Tashkent and all regions serve the same purpose. It is clear that such celebrations inspire in the hearts of our compatriots enthusiasm, purpose and desire for creation, renewal. In addition, it instills in our youth a number of human feelings, such as understanding the essence of our national values ​​and traditions, preserving and respecting our eternal heritage.
Performances of Dorbozs, amateurs, representatives of the People's Theater, askiyas, amateur art groups, folklore and ethnographic ensembles, circus artists, bakhshis, poets, as well as professional performers and talented pop artists add a special charm to the festivities.
- I think that the wide celebration of Navruz in every neighborhood and village by the decision of our President has pleased all our compatriots like us. The holiday is in full swing in the park named after Oafur Uulom near us, - says Inoyat aya Mansurova, a compatriot from the valley, who went to the festival with her grandchildren. “The sound of trumpets in the early morning called all the members of our family to this beautiful garden. You can see the joy of the holiday in their faces, which aroused the feelings of joy and happiness in the hearts of young people.
Halim cooked for a little less than a day and night during the “Ilik Uzar” period, sumalak boiled in the stomach and saturated with medicine, greens saturated with water in the same winter, and somsa, chuchvara, manti, wrapping, leaves and layers made of mint are a holiday today. adds splendor to the splendor of the table. It is natural that every representative of our people likes such dishes in the spring.
“During the Navruz holiday, along with all our villagers, our family members hurried to the hills where the holiday festivities were organized. Our folk games such as kupkari, kurash, tug of war and performances of folk ensembles were connected with the songs of artists, - said our compatriot from Surkhandarya Muqaddas Hamidova. "My friends and I made wreaths and hung them on our heads." We put a tumor on our eyebrows and sang songs together. The sumalagu halims cooked by our grandmothers and the blue somsayu sheets prepared by our new brides were woven into our bodies, which were a little tired of dancing. The holiday of Navruz makes everyone happy.
Our people, especially the elderly, who welcomed the holiday with joy and enthusiasm, took part in planting trees with good intentions.
- If you pay attention, Navruz will brighten up the social solidarity between the neighborhood and the people, - says Ahmadjon ota Fayziev, who is 80 years old from Navoi. “Our neighbors, who are not worried about work and life, met Navruz under the pretext of having a heart-to-heart conversation. With our grandchildren, we planted new seedlings in the ground. Our brides planted colorful flowers. May we have national holidays that further strengthen such human ties and increase the sense of solidarity! May our peace and prosperity be eternal and may our country never be touched!
We can also know from the words of our compatriots that Navruz brings renewal not only to nature but also to our psyche. The impressions of the holiday festivities, which are held in a good mood, will be imprinted on every heart for a lifetime. After all, a holiday in a peaceful and serene country is able to instill in all of us feelings of love, tolerance, solidarity and harmony. Seeing the holiday performances, we witnessed a special mood in the hearts of those who spread from house to house - a feeling of gratitude for bringing us to these days. We say that such pride and joy should never leave our people. In the words of our poet ancestor, let every day be Navruz, my Uzbekistan!
Nurriyat correspondent
source: uzhurriyat.uz

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