What is the normal amount of sleep?


What is the normal amount of sleep?

• Most adults need about 7 hours of sleep a day. Children and teenagers need more time—about 9 or 10 hours a night. However, everyone has a different amount of sleep, from 5 to 12 hours. The important thing is to know how much sleep you need to stay healthy and alert, and then try to get that amount every night.

• Adequate sleep is the amount that allows you to feel refreshed and well and reach your full potential. How to tell if you're not getting enough sleep:

• Need an alarm clock to wake up.

• You'll sleep longer and better on weekends.

• You have trouble getting out of bed in the morning and fatigue throughout the day.

• You have bags or dark circles under your eyes.

• You have trouble concentrating.

• You feel sleepy at the wheel, in meetings and in public places.

👉If you have these problems, take control of your sleep pattern and pay attention to the amount of sleep you need!

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