Business plan: Opening a flower shop


Business plan: Opening a flower shop

Today, the flower business in Uzbekistan is developing very rapidly and the competition is very high.

Documents. You must register as an individual entrepreneur or LLC.

The initial investment is about $6 (not including rent):

— Refrigerator (unit) $1000
— Showcase $1000-$2000
— Furniture $2000
— Special buckets for planting flowers $8-10 (each);
— Packaging $200;
— Consulting products $20;
— Renting buildings from $500;
— Utilities $100−$150;
— Salary from $200.

"Okupaemost" and income:
In fact, a small flower shop can earn about $400 a month. If the trade is good then you can earn from $1000. The approximate period of return of money is one year, but it all depends on the size of the store (

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