A collection of yellow lions about animals


A collection of yellow lions about animals

About all domestic and wild animals, the best collection of lions for adults and children.

Lions about animals (Zoo)

I saw a gazelle at the zoo,
I saw his heart shattered in captivity.
I saw parrots wandering on dry branches,
They cried and cried.

Make-up that loses its wings,
Geese no longer fly in the sky.
Where the eagles' heads are bowed,
To the place where the nightingales age.

The sparrow's stone is blood, its beak is blood,
The sad eyes of the ants - epic…
This world is actually an animal park,
Mushtaq is a violent mining head-to-toe.

I can't count the bars one by one, but
Neki is beautiful, all in a cage!

Lions about pets

Cat and dog,
And a quail,
They lived small,
I am at home.

Together with them,
Yashardi again,
Egni-bashi holl-hol,
Even a lady.

One day in this house,
Just like that,
Any work.

Turning to the quail,
And the dog,
Whiskered face,
Barak cat:

- I'm embarrassed to say,
You say, himself,
Is it necessary, - he said, -
What about us?

"We don't need it."
Bashang Khanqizi, -
He meowed,
Gossiping cat, -

Spotted silk shirt
He wears himself,
Doesn't think of us,
Never mind that shit.

Then the landlord,
Open the window,
He said to his mistress:
"Good-bye, mitticham!"

We protect you,
Isn't it necessary
Give us a shirt,
You don't sew either.

And the quail,
He said, "We're bored!"
Was Shuya working?
How do you do that?

Crushed dog,
Big head,
Tears welled up in his eyes,
Injuday age.

The lady is gone,
Noisy, bejang.
But a year later,
Dried melons.

The landlord,
It was bad:
The ashes fell and became food,
Cabbage and carrots.

Calling her,
The owner of the house,
He ran everywhere,
Falling into a thousand.

It was inaudible,
Khanqizi sasi,
Where did you go,
Poor flying.

Then the landlord,
Whisper slowly,
Suddenly sad,
Loyal puppy:

"Everyone in this house,"
You can be sure,
Just a cat.

Lions about goats

The well-known goat's behavior,
He can't stand still until he falls into the pot.
The path you always choose to be curved,
He can't walk quietly if he doesn't show his craft.

Goho sprouts are beautiful,
Goho touches the shepherd's staff.
Suddenly the herd begins to sink,
The danger itself will be avoided, however.

One day the goat's zeal was aroused,
He climbed to the top of a high cliff.
He stared at the clouds,
He enjoyed the heights.

It was a dark evening in the mountains.
Now we have to go back.
The storm began, the rest was lost,
There is no cocaine, no water, the rock is bare.

He didn't even know how he came out.
He could not find a way to fall back.
In short, on the highest rock,
Poor thing, he was left alone.

Now he began to cry for help,
Head up to the sky lifting the sky.
In our language, tears,
Luck said otherwise, disaster said otherwise.

In the morning the shepherd looked at the rock,
The goat statue stands still.
The heart cries out in anguish,
He constantly asks for protection.

Not even a shepherd can climb such a rock,
He, too, nodded reluctantly.
Don't waste the opportunity,
He began to look for a way to escape.

Boil in any case once it boils,
Removed it from the herd list,
Immediately he fired his rifle,
He knocked the goat off the rock.
Abdulla Oripov

I punished my goat

Thanks trees,
They also have souls,
We need them.

Beware of trees,
I will not break the horn.
I can't take my eyes off him.

Do not be surprised by the branch,
Go away, you stubborn goat!
If you break a tree,
You see Rosa from me.

One day my goat secretly,
I felt him enter the garden.
I caught it without hesitation,
I stretched out his ears.

Rosa laughed trees,
There was a round of applause.

Navruz in the forest

Spring has come, Navruz,
Kutvoldi people of the forest.
If you don't believe me, come,
It's too hot.

The ceremony was attended by King Sher,
He opened with a kind word.
Poet Bulbul recited a poem,
The meaning shone like a pearl.

Then the competition began,
Interesting competitions.
Holiday "askiya"
Frogs swarmed.

Jumping from branch to branch,
He became an acrobat, a tiger.
The monkey is the tallest,
He played fast in the woods.

In the beauty contest,
Peacock has no equal.
When running fast,
The example of Kiyikvoy is an arrow.

Playful creatures,
Joy in old age.
The tortoise is a giant elephant,
On the rising stone.

Everyone was amazed,
The fox is a skilled magician.
Fast moving,
Kangaroo is a great boxer.

Fans applauded,
The field was full of struggle.
Tugai's wrestlers,
The Bear Wrestler…

So, great holiday,
The winners are now announced.
It's ten o'clock,
One game that never ends.

Long stay under water -
Now is the time for this debate.
Crocodile with hippopotamus,
Still at the bottom of the lake.

Lions about bears

Have you been to the forest?
Have you seen the bear?
It has a skin on it,
Not to mention it's snowing.

I am a descendant of him,
I am from the bear.
My father's skin,
That coat is a ton to me.

The difference is: I am a puppet,
A toy for children!

Lions about a calf

I am a calf, a calf,
I have a sore throat.
But don't overdo it,
Don't throw it around.

Do not drive on dirty ground,
I'm a toy, don't fall.
I'll turn around if you bend over,
I lose my footing.

I will not be a cow then,
I don't give cream every day.
Well, play sooner or later,
But don't bother!

Army in the Forest (About Creatures)

If you know creatures,
The forest is the only homeland.
Guarded day and night,
They share a soul and a body.

Elephants are for the “military”
He builds beautiful buildings.
Lochin - "Air Attack",
Ready to attack.

Not to be overlooked,
Nothing. Don't say you're in the water.
"Everything is under control!"
Nahang - "Submarine".

A vigilant frontier guard,
The braver said Jayra.
When the spear strikes the wild,
The "sniper" at the end.

Monkeys - very strong,
Bari is brave and tanti.
Jumping from a tree to the ground,
It was an "airborne landing".

The mouse in "Supply",
There is also a beekeeper.
Almaxon tashir walnut,
A "warehouse" for fruit.

Humrons - "intelligence"
Observes the environment.
Red Crescent - "Telegraph"
Transmits the "signal".

Poor, they are unequal,
All of them are excellent "warriors".
Wolves - "sanitary"
Ayiqvoy is a master tanker.

"Advisor" Fox,
Look at the invincible enemies.
Enjoy the "military trick",
The master is Farang...

If I say my name one by one,
How many more "pedestrians".
Secret motherland,
Kindness in the heart increases.

Join the ranks of the brave,
Don't stand on one side.
In the "Square" - Tiger, Tiger,
Crocodiles - in the "ambush"…

Wise, fair lion,
This is the commander of the army.
Forest without falling!

Mother and child animals

A city that travels the world
I am a village, a desert, a mountain.
A sentence in your ear
I have a sore throat.

Completely ruined
I would now know:
Enough for your feet
I'd like a pair of boots.

To the giraffe's child
Your actions are amazing,
You don’t hurt anyone.
I'll stumble on your shoulder,
Without growing your neck.

To the child of the millennium
Childhood is a happy time,
Keep running, keep playing.
Feet bored
Count how many.

Lions about wolves

Hungry in the cave,
Sucking your fingers
Sitting Wolves,
Watch TV.

When it appears on the screen,
Grazing sheep,
All of a sudden,
Hungry eyes played.

After grinding their teeth, they
They started beating,
The TV is salty,
Paqqos was stunned.

It means wolf

"I used to say I was a wolf."
That the forest is overgrown.
And today I'm hungry, hey,
I'm not tired at all.

Friend and friend,
Who do I ask for help?
My dim eyes,
My legs hurt.

I have no hair, my color is straw,
If I survive this winter,
I would take the head,
Towards countries where there is no winter.

If the wolf dreams

What day is the wolf,
Flour without removing,
He went hunting,
Kepti to the grass.

The bed is ripe.
He fell asleep.

If the wolf dreams,
Breastfeeding is good.
Green meadow,
Lots of lamb.

That's good.
Waking up, however,
Shepherd's grandfather -
Eaten stick.

The wolves are here,
Sleepless night…

Lions about foxes (meaning fox)

"Hello, this is me, the fox,"
You know who I am.
Admittedly, there are some
My cunning, my cunning.

I can't walk
I do not trace the village.
Even from a crow's mouth
I ran out of cheese.

The snail on the road,
I'll take it off.
In escaping without a handle
I am a Uddaburon dancer.

The word of the fox

My name is cunning fox,
That's my delusion,
To save my life,
I can't get enough of my stomach.

I know there is an animal,
Many differences.
One is weak, one is great,
One is full and the other is light.

The day will come, the reason is -
Depending on how you walk.
If he sees a tail in the plow,
Lust gives him orders.

I say, be ready now,
But the effect is unspeakable.
Forest, sultan of the forest,
The lion's long arm,
Let me tell you - it was a scary place.
It can't be, but it's a fox.

There are many traps along the way
It is a dream - a passion.
Here's a wolf,
The salt that dries up as prey.

Because it does not go back,
Listen, shake your hand,
If you are not careful,
Life is not smooth.

Ahil is our people,
Our very delicate nature,
We do not pretend,
And too much talk.

Different species of animals,
His own behavior.
Don't get me wrong,
They always laugh.

Hit my name on the ground,
Do not defile my honor.
Rotten animals,
They can never be foxes.

Even if there are forty tricks,
Always be on hand.
Invisibility to the enemy -
Convenient way to live.

Lions about hedgehogs (Mother does not know)

to the hedgehog,
G'anisher said:
- How many needles?
Give me one.

After all, my shirt,
The rest is torn.
Apricot horn,
Hang the rest.

Go home fast,
Bring the rope.
Without telling my mother,
I'll sew!

Lions about monkeys

Once upon a time in the jungle,
The peak of life.
Follow us, brother,
The human race that is.

Side Neighbor - Side Neighbor -
We lived in caves.
When we find something, do not be jealous,
We grew up in the middle.

Jumping from branch to branch,
We pick bananas, coconuts.
Then we distributed,
The soul is specific to the liver.

We were so friendly -
Hunt together.
To our side,
Even a butcher, a savage.

Thank you very much,
We kept our hair.
From the plague of the mind,
We kept our thoughts.

I did not know what to think,
Thought Mankind -
In pursuit of knowledge,
That's seven yachts to us!

Original friendship,
That's where the rack came from.
When the razor was invented,
The alienation has begun.

Lions about cats (Cat's haircut)

My cat's mustache
I shaved and hid,
My grandmother was very happy,
My grandfather scolded me.

My father told me to do this,
They came from work.
They are so good,
They gave me a nod.

Not to do otherwise,
I promised again and again.
Hairdressing is not for me,
Here's a try.

I wanted to do good,
Things turned upside down.
Evil to good?
My question remained inside.

Black kitten

Bear, black kitten,
Let's put on a pop.
Bear, black kitten,
Let's paint it white.

Then the black kitten,
Children who do not chase.
As a "sign of disaster",
Aunts who do not call.

The mother who saw him all,
He says, "So beautiful!"
Bear, black kitten,
Let's paint it white.

Lions about Ohu (Ohujon)

You are so beautiful,
Black eyes,

I'm scared to go near you,
What are you afraid of

There are no hunters here,
No risk.
We are constantly on the move,
A messenger.

With the swarm you spread,
Jumping on the field,

Your beautiful eyes,
Desert owl yourself,

source: uzbaza.uz