The day David Livingstone discovered Victoria Falls


Today, November 17, is the day David Livingston discovered Victoria Falls

One of the tourist attractions in South Africa is the Zambezi waterfall.

In front of the waterfall, which is 108 m high and 1800 m wide, there is a statue depicting a person dressed very warmly for the locals.

The name of this powerful Briton is David Livingston, he was the first among Europeans to see this huge waterfall on November 1855, 17, and named it Victoria after the British queen.

And the locals call it something special - "pebble smoke". Livingston, who saw the waterfall for the first time, describes it very figuratively, calling it a giant curtain like a snowstorm.

He says: “Nothing I have seen in England can match its beauty. Europeans had never seen anything like it before. This place is so wonderful that angels must be watching from heaven.''

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