Why is reading more effective than listening to a book?


Why is reading more effective than listening to a book? 🎧🆚📖

Finding audiobooks today is no problem. It is very convenient to listen to them and download them from the Internet in a few seconds. But why can't they replace printed books? Do you know why reading a book is better than listening to an audiobook?

Why choose audiobooks?

Thomas Edison, who once suggested listening to books on a phonograph, had no idea how popular this method would be. In the UK alone, revenue from audiobook sales increased by 2013% from 2017 to 148.

The reason for this is also understandable. Audiobooks can be heard in traffic jams, queues, and when doing household chores. They are cheaper than printed books and do not take up space on the shelf. Creating audiobooks is also easy. In addition, visually impaired people can use it as much as they want.

Why can't printed books be defeated?

• It is not possible to attach pictures, tables to the audiobook;
• The voice of the person reading the audiobook interferes with full comprehension of the text;
• It takes a relatively long time to understand the content of an audiobook.

Most importantly:

Studies have shown that people who listen to audiobooks are more likely to be distracted during the process, even if they are not busy. It is easier for a person to remember and accept a book he has read with his eyes than with a voice he has heard with his ears.

Audiobooks are a predominant format - video. Researchers at the University of London have shown that people understand the book better when they see it on screen.

📝 Source: Xabardor.uz

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