Working at Google! Complaints from Google employees!


Complaints and grievances of employees of Google.

Good night, dear users! ?

There is no such thing as an ideal job in this world. Everyone complains about their work. Each case will have its own inconveniences. Even a big company like Google has its drawbacks!

Here are some complaints from Google employees:

  • “I feel like I’ve recovered a lot in Dod Hawaii! We were in a corporate company then ”;
  • “It’s very hard for me to work at Google. My 30-inch monitor is blocking the beautiful view of the mountains ”;

Here are some more interesting complaints:

Google taught me more than school education.

  •  "Ex… the sofa in my room isn't long enough, I can't sleep with my whole body!";
  • “I’m uncomfortable with the fact that the gym is located in another Google building. I don’t want to waste my time on the road. I also worked very hard to open a gym in the building where I work. I hope the company will consider my complaint soon! ”;
  •  “I would be more excited to work at Google if they kept updating our cell phones less! Because before I get acquainted with my new phone, they take it from us and give me a newer model. This order is always :( »;
  • "It simply came to our notice then. There was a day when I walked into Google’s game room and there was no empty soft chair left for me. I had to play Call of Duty sitting in a chair. Imagine how awkward it is! ”;

Here are some interesting complaints from Google employees:

  • "I can't watch Haber Bridge because the sun is coming out from under Sydney and it's shining right on my window and I'm going to have to cover the window with a curtain!";
  • "I suffer a lot because I don't have time to open my stomach between breakfast and lunch at Google. And at lunch they give me such delicious things that I have to eat them all by myself :)";
  • “What I don’t like about working at Google is that the company has a limited selection of slot machines. That's why I have to go to another corps to satisfy my interest ”;
  • "I'm a girl, you know how much these trivial hundred-dollar headphones provided by Google ruin my hairstyle";

Google has the following complaints:

People used to read it, but now - google it…

  • “Tell me…. How can it work normally? If you go into the kitchen, there are drinks that have been brought to the refrigerator and have not yet cooled down ”;
  • “I don’t notice a difference in the settings of Google’s massage chair. I don't notice the difference between these modes: "Silent", "Soothing", "Refreshing", "Disorderly!";
  • “There is always a sense of insecurity at Google. I always think about which kitchen to go to: both kitchens are the same distance from me. ”

How to work at Google? What about Google employees complaints?

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