3rd grade lesson plan on the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan


3rd grade lesson plan on the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  1. Course Title: Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  2. Course Objectives:
  3. a) educational purpose: to acquaint students with the concept of the law, the Constitution of the country;
  4. b) educational purpose: to instill in students the concept of love and respect for the Constitution, the basic laws of our country;
  5. c) Developmental goal: To increase students' legal literacy.
III. Basic concepts and terms: Constitution, law, discipline, customs, traditions, etc.
  1. Elements of BCM that students should master:
- know what the law is;
- know what the constitution is;
- to know what traditions and customs are;
Skills and competencies:
- provide more detailed information about the constitution;
- to state the new laws adopted after independence;
- talk about the traditions of our ancestors;
  1. Course methods: Brainstorming, the “Cloud of Thought” method.
  2. Course format: conversation, practical training.
VII. Course method: unconventional.
  1. Course Outline:
  2. Organizational part: greeting, conversation about legal news.
  3. Repetition of the previous topic. Topic: The period of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Repetition questions:
  1. What has independence given us young people?
  2. How do you want to contribute to the development of our country?
  3. New topic statement:
Mental attack:
Teacher: Dear students, what is the most precious blessing in the world?
Students: Peace and tranquility, freedom and liberty!
Teacher: Barakalla, children. There is no happier person in the world than a peaceful and calm, free and independent person. It is not for nothing that our famous writer Maqsud Shaykhzoda said, "A man is not born with a crown on his head, he is born with a need for a man."
Our homeland Uzbekistan is one of such peaceful and prosperous, independent countries. One of the greatest achievements of our country since independence is the Constitution, which is the main encyclopedia of our country. Today's topic is also dedicated to the Constitution. So who can tell us a poem about the Constitution?
The poem is read aloud by the students.
                                              My encyclopedia
 M. Tursunova
20 years of history
A moment of urgency
However, my country is an opportunity for me
A border bordering the deserts.
My people, the sun of freedom shines
Happiness shines on your forehead
Every mother is a hurricane
My people will help me.
         Every morning a hymn is sung
A flag waving in the sky,
Humo charx hits the coat of arms
         Your encyclopedia is an unquenchable beacon.
The book is a symbol of freedom
The foundation laid on goodness
An Address to Solidarity
A statue that does not fall justly.
It has the past of my people
It’s like a fairy tale told to me
The past of my ancestors
It reflects a bright future.
In every bar, in every chapter
It destroys the destiny of millions
It is embodied in the book of happiness
Thoughts on a radiant life.
Live to glorify people
My eternal shining encyclopedia is mine
Let your name be known for centuries
My constitution is my honor.
  1. Work with the textbook.
Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.[1]
Every country has rules. They should all be subject to them, whether they are a student, a worker, or a retiree. These rules are called laws. Laws are set by the state. Anyone who violates them will be punished.
After gaining independence, new laws were adopted in our country. The rights of citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan have been ensured. The Constitution of our country is the basic law to which all other laws are subject. He is also the most important of the laws. The Constitution states the most basic rights and responsibilities of the people of our country.
There will be people in the country to maintain order and ensure that the law is not broken. They are primarily police officers and representatives of many other fields. The law is a rule that is binding on all. But there are other rules besides the law. These rules help us not to get embarrassed or upset someone. We conform to these rules.
The specific rules that exist in a society are called traditions or customs. Both our parents and grandparents lived by such rules.
XII. Methods for strengthening:  "Thought Cloud" methods. This method is a form of the Cluster method, which helps students to think freely, openly and express their personal opinions about any problem. This method requires the identification of a structure that allows thinking between different ideas.
Method content:
- The class team is divided into two groups by the teacher;
- Each group is given a "cloud of thinking", previously drawn on Whatman paper;
- The name of the cloud is "constitution", the pieces of snow falling from it are the basic concepts at its core;
- In a creative way, students form snowflakes in such a way that not only the basic concepts, but also their dreams and aspirations are expressed in them.
Homework: Read and memorize the topic.
[1] Karimova O. Constitution alphabet: textbook for 3rd grade students / Sh. Under the general editorship of Sarikov. –T .: SHARQ, 2007. Pages 6-8.

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