June 3 is the day François Blanchard demonstrated his first parachute


June 3 is the day François Blanchard demonstrated his first parachute
  The first sketch of a parachute was made in 1483 by Leonardo da Vinci. He wrote, "If a man has a starched tent 12 inches wide and 12 inches high, he can jump from any height." Although Leonardo's parachute was modern, there was no need to use it in practice. Only 200 years later, with the development of flying in the air and frequent air crashes, inventors began to develop a new apparatus for human long-distance jumps. The first such device was built and tested by the French physicist Lenorman, who called it the "Parachute". But despite the fact that his parachute was reliable, it was not used by pilots in the air. On June 3, 1785, French airman François Blanchard (1753-1809) demonstrated in London a parachute he had designed to jump from a balloon. landed safely. A year later he tried his next experiment, this time he dropped a sheep from a parachute in the air. On October 300, 1797, the first, one of the French heroes, aeronaut Andre-Jacques Garneren, parachuted from a balloon. It was the first time in Europe that he jumped from a height of 22 meters from the top of Monso Paris Park. Nowadays, parachutes are widely used. There are many types: personal, paratrooper, lifeguard, sports shells, spacecraft, cargo and many others.

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