Uzbek codes of GTA San Andreas game


Gta san andreas
LXGIWYL - soldiers ??? 1
KJKSZPJ - soldiers ??? 2
UZUMYMW - soldiers ??? 3
HESOYAM -health, $ 250.000
OSRBLHH - Get 2 stars
ASNAEB - asterisk cleaning
AFZLLQLL - sunny weather
ICIKPYH - very sunny weather
ALNSFMZO - cloudy weather
AUIFRVQS - rainy weather
CFVFGMJ - district
YSOHNUL - time is slow
PPGWJHT is a slow game
LIYOAAY is a fast game
AJLOJYQY - a friend beats a friend
BAGOWPG is in your head
FOOOXFT - Everyone has a soldier
AIWPRTON - tank intake (Rhino)
OHDUDE - Helicopter (Hunter)
AKJJYGLC - Getting a Quadrocycle (Quad)
JUMPJET - small (Hydra)
KGGGDKP - small airbag (Vortex Hovercraft)
AMOMHRER - trailer (Tanker Truck)
EEGCYXT - bulduzer (Dozer)
URKQSRK - corn production (Stunt Plane)
AGBDLCID - Getting a Jeep (Monster)
CQZIJMB - old racing car (Bloodring Banger)
JQNTDMH - small jeep (Rancher)
PDNEJOH - gonka moshin 1 (Racecar)
VPJTQWV - gonka moshin 2 (Racecar)
AQTBCODX - lifting machine (Romero)
KRIJEBR - Get a limousine (Stretch)
UBHYZHQ - Getting a Muscle Cleaner (Trashmaster)
RZHSUEW - golf machine (Caddy)
CPKTNWT - destruction of machines
XICWMD is an invisible machine
PGGOMOY is the ideal management
SZCMAWO is immortal
ZEIIVG - all traffic lights are green
YLTEICZ - aggressive drivers
LLQPFBN is a pink machine
IOWDLAC is a black car
AFSNMSMW is a flying machine
JYSDSOD is a great person
KVGYZQK - thin
ASBHGRB - elvis
BGLUAWML - Rakata War
CIKGCGX is a beach evening
MROEMZH - bandits
BIFBUZZ - bandits rule the street
AFPHULTL is a ninja theme
BEKKNQV is a magnet for girls
BGKGTJH - only cars on the street
GUSNHDE - expensive cars on the street
RIPAZHA is a car pilot
JHJOECW is a jumper
JUMPJET - Get Hydra
KGGGDKP - Get Vortex Hovercraft
JCNRUAD - (Smash n 'Boom)
COXEFGU is nitro in all cars
BSXSGGC - The car flies in shock
XJVSNAJ is always evening
OFVIAC - gray sky (21:00)
MGHXYRM - lightning
CWJXUOC - storm
LFGMHAL is a mega jumper
BAGUVIX - endless health / police do not work
CVWKXAM - kislorof
AIYPWZQP - parachute
YECGAA - Jetpack
AEZAKMI - does not fight
LJSPQK - 6 stars (AEZAKMI does not work)
IAVENJQ - mega shock
AEDUWNV - You will not go hungry
IOJUFZN - bunt mode
PRIEBJ - durda
MUNASEF is an adrenaline rush
FVTMNBZ is the only medical vehicle in the city
OGXSDAG - maximum respect
VKYPQCF - nitro in taxis
NCSGDAG - Hitman

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