Ball girls


The hall is decorated with flowers, balloons, pictures of each girl are displayed through electronic exhibitions. The girls enter the hall to the sounds of music.
The Moon in the Sky
Let the stream flow
He has given grace to our circle
Everyone: Greetings to the mothers
Our faces blossomed
Our literacy was plentiful
Education is nurturing
Everyone: A thousand greetings to the teachers
Wearing a satin shirt
Those who ran and served
He taught agility
Everyone: Greetings to the cheerful girls
Gathered as a holiday
The lion sang
He gave a tune to the event
All: A thousand greetings to the artists
Mehrinoz: Black eyes are like beads
It’s like embracing the mind in class
It's a holiday at school
Everyone: A thousand greetings to all of you
Who is wise and who is wise
He came to the discussion
A fair decision maker
Everyone: A thousand greetings to the judges
I ran as a starter
He hid his shortcomings
Called to the competition
All: Greetings to the Deputy Director
Our group: Little angels.
Our motto: If you learn science and profession, what you learn is perfect.
Condition 1: Introduction
We have a group
Seven beautiful girls
We have come to share with you
Let's compete
Let our ranks be full
Introducing our participants
He smiles and laughs
His face fills like the moon
Do not be surprised, my friends
There will be a theme
Excellent in our class
The successor of Zulfikhanum
We are the captain in everything
Our daughter Nargizahon
Charos's eyes
Black eyebrows, too
He is a member of our group
It will be Mohirahon
A smile on their faces
No arimas
He relied on the competition
Mehrinozkhan is invincible
Dress code
He did not cross the border
Same as big to small
Always respected
It will be Ruxsorakhon.
No one can match him
In the Freedom section
Chevaru cooks
Our daughter Nozaninkhan
We always go
In the footsteps of scholars
Happiness and joy abound
From the faces of the participants
From meeting here
The goal is one
Values ​​are constant
We need it
Don’t be proud that we won
Because friendship
It is always needed.
Condition 2: Bahru-bayt.Adizova Shahrinoz
Condition 3: Knitting skills. Rakhmatova Ruxsora
Condition 4: Girls in the kitchen: Nosirova Mavzuna and Idrisova Nozanin

Condition 5: Physical training. In this case, the girls turn the ball.
Condition 6: Scene. Excerpts from students' lives.

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