Lifehack: Automatically cancel all YouTube subscriptions


Lifehack: Automatically cancel all YouTube subscriptions

Let's say you subscribe to a bunch of channels, but you don't watch them or you can't find the time to watch them. To return normal algorithms to life and freely refer to your feed — clean your subscriptions, that is, cancel them. This can be done without additional programs and extensions:

1️⃣. We launch Chrome and go to the YouTube subscription management page ( (your current Google account must be active in the browser).

2️⃣. Then we turn to the developer console (console developer) using the CTRL + SHIFT + J key combination.

3️⃣. Go to the "Console" tab, copy this code ( and paste it into the console and ENTER we press .

As a result, the script simulates the movement of the mouse, independently canceling the subscriptions sequentially, in turn.

📝 Source: @bugnotfeature

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