It was said that university entrance exams could be abolished in Uzbekistan


⚡️⚡️It has been said that university entrance exams can be abolished in Uzbekistan
❗️Farhod Mirzayev, the head of the State Testing Center, said that entrance exams to higher education institutions could be canceled.
📌It is reported that it is planned to abolish the entrance exams and gradually introduce children to higher education institutions through school exams.
Qaror “The decision on unification has been submitted to the relevant body. If this is confirmed, we will abandon the entrance exams and gradually introduce children to universities at the expense of school exams. For example, four regions will be selected, and the first step will be to conduct them in those regions. This will be done in other regions as well, ”Farhod Mirzayev said.
👉Also, the head of the department of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education Abdusamad Mamanazarov informed about the directions of creative exams.
creative exams are held at the university, with the installation of video surveillance equipment for online monitoring of exams;
🔍Journalism is not only a creative exam, but also a test exam in 2 disciplines and 3 compulsory subjects;
It is planned to conduct examinations in 3 compulsory subjects together with creative (professional) examinations only in the areas of pedagogical education;
According to the evaluation criteria, the highest score in all types of exams was set at 280,5.
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