What do you know about Snake Mask?


What do you know about Snake Mask?
Snake Mask is a billionaire who dreams of getting to Mars.
He’s a great man who has gone from being a cleaner to being a famous billionaire. He failed at every step of his life, but his hard work, dedication, and talent helped him achieve great results.
Companies and projects founded and purchased by Snake Mask:
• Zip2;
• Xcom;
• Paypal;
• eBay;
• SpaceX;
• Tesla;
• Solarcity;
• Hyperloop;
• The Boring Company;
• OpenAI;
• Clubhouse.
If I dwell on all of this, it will become a book 😊
For those watching Mask’s accomplishments, it’s easy to believe that even a fantasy dream like trying to build life on Mars can come true. According to his plan, an autonomous colony will be established on this planet in the next 50 years, and it will eventually cover one million people.
Where are our Snakes?
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