What do you know about rickets


What do you know about rickets ❓

⭕️Rickets is a disease associated with vitamin D deficiency and impaired mineral metabolism in the body.

👶🏻 Children under one year of age often suffer from rickets and the most common category among patients are premature and artificially fed infants.

👉🏻It is known that phosphorus, calcium and vitamin D are needed for proper bone formation and their proper absorption in the intestine.

These components enter the child's body along with food (breast milk, eggs, fish, vegetables, etc.),

☀️Vitamin D is also produced under the skin under the influence of sunlight.

👶🏻Newborns come to life with a supply of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D (these substances begin to accumulate actively in the last weeks of life in the womb, of course, if the mother eats properly and regularly and walks in the sun ), so in 1-2 months of a child's life the bones develop normally.

👶🏻👉🏻The body of the child will need more “building” material as a result of the child’s rapid growth and depletion of reserves later.

‼ ️ If this need is not met, calcium and phosphorus will start to leach out of the baby’s bones.

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