Essay on the topic of peace - a great blessing


Peace is a great blessing, it is a sacred duty to preserve it.
I. Introduction
a) Peace and harmony are the basis of the development of our country and the well-being of our people.
II. The main part
a) Peace is a great blessing, let's appreciate it!
b) Appreciation of peace and tranquility is one of the noble duties of people!
c) This dear Motherland belongs to all of us
III. Conclusion
a) "We are eternally grateful that you left us a free and prosperous Motherland."
"Only a patriotic person devotes his life to serving the development of the Motherland, the well-being of the people, the peace of the country, feels a high responsibility for his spiritual maturity, and harmonizes his interests with the interests of this country and this people. "It's enough."
Shavkat Mirziyoyev
Praise be to the Lord, the Merciful Creator, for making the heavenly country called Uzbekistan our Motherland. The presence of the homeland gives a person incomparable strength - power, enthusiasm. Homeland is as sacred as a place of worship. When a person is born, his duties and responsibilities towards the Motherland come with him. Homeland is the greatest gift God gave me when I was born! I was lucky to be born in this country. I didn't choose the country myself, but God chose it for me, so I was made for this country, that's why I love my country! May our country be peaceful and our sky clear! Today, our country is peaceful, our life is peaceful, such creative works are being carried out in every region of our country. Even if we are away from our family for a few days, even if we leave early every day and come back late from work, we are not satisfied with home. I would not be mistaken if I say that the reason for this is the peace of our country. At this point, we realize how great a blessing peace is. Indeed, peace is a priceless blessing. It is the sacred duty of every citizen living in this holy land to sacrifice his life if it is necessary to protect it! Also among young people, to strengthen work on the formation of patriotism, love for the country, responsible attitude to work, respect for military service, a high sense of duty to protect the sovereignty and independence of the country, various activities aimed at educating young people in the spirit of patriotism organization of sports and events, contests, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, taking into account the requirements of the times, and implementation of various works on educating young people with high spiritual and moral qualities.

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