An essay on the topic of my loving mother


An essay on the topic of my loving mother
  1. Why I love my mom
  2. My mother's traits
  3. Paradise is under the feet of mothers
Why I love my mom
My mom is not ordinary, she is my superhero. She supports and encourages me every step of the way. He is always by my side, no matter what the conditions, day and night. In addition, his every action, perseverance, devotion, dedication, demeanor inspires me.
I love my mom. We need to respect adults. But I have a completely different respect for my mother, who took care of me even when I couldn’t talk or walk. The only one who made me realize what I wanted through a single collection was my mom.
In addition, my mother taught me to walk, talk, and pamper myself. Similarly, every big step I take in my life is all suppressed because of my mom. Because if my mom hadn’t taught me to take small steps, I wouldn’t have been able to take that big step.
My mother's traits
My mother is a symbol of honesty, love and sincerity for me. My mother is always praying with her hands. My mom is willing to give us everything, but doesn’t demand anything in return. My mother’s care for each of us in our family encourages me to do the same in the future.
Although my mother is not physically strong, she is able to overcome any obstacles for her life and family. He encourages me to be like that and never to give up in difficult times. Most importantly, my mother encourages me to be thorough and knowledgeable in every way. My mother's favorite saying is, "Try again and again until you succeed, my child. Each time you start with the experience you gained from a previous failure."
When my day is not going well or when I hear from my father, I always run to my mother because my mother saves me from any problems. Whether it’s a small homework assignment or a big problem, it’s always with me.
If I was afraid of the dark, it would become my light and protect me from that darkness. Also, if I couldn’t sleep at night, he would keep my head on his knees until he fell asleep.
Paradise is under the feet of mothers
Every mother is an individual for her children. He is a wonderful teacher, a loving friend, a steadfast teacher. If there is anyone who loves us more than our mother, it is only God. Not only my mother, but every mother who sacrifices her life for her family deserves praise and applause.

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